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Pin codes have been an important part of Indian postal services. It was introduced with the aim of categorizing places with a unique six digit code. Postal index numbers also known as PIN codes have their significance in locating the right place and address. The Pin code postal system was launched on 15 August 1972 by Shri Ram Bhikaji Velankar an additional secretary in the Government of India's Ministry of Communications. The pincode postal system includes six digit numbers that are used to send letters, parcels and other postal documents to the right address in Chattisgarh with ultimate accuracy.

PIN Code List for Post Offices across 19 districts in Chattisgarh

City Head post Office Sub Post Office Branch Post Office
Bijapur CGH0550
Bilaspur CGH137230
Janjgir Champa019186

FAQs on Pin Codes

Q1: What is the Pin code of Chattisgarh?.

A1: The pin codes of Chattisgarh vary across 19 districts.

Q2: How many Pincodes & post offices are in Chattisgarh?.

A2: There are 3010 post offices and 3150 PIN codes in Chattisgarh

Q3: How many Head Post Offices , Sub Post Offices , and Branch Offices are in Chattisgarh?.

A3:There are 10 Head Post Offices , 337 Sub Post Offices and 2663 Branch Offices in Chattisgarh

Q4: Which digit in the pincode represents the state of Chattisgarh?.

A4: The first digit of the Pin code represents the region or zone. The second digit when combined with the first digit represents the sub-region or the circle. The state of Chattisgarh is generally represented by the combination of the first two digits.

Q5: What is the average geographical coverage of a PIN code in India?.

A5: The Total area of India comprises 3,287,590 square km (32.8 L sq-km), and the total no. of Pin codes is approx 1,50,000. So the Average area under a single Pin Code comes around to be approx: 3287590/150000 = 21.92 sq km, therefore a pin code covers around 2.6 Km in the radius of a circle approximately equivalent to a locality or a village in India.

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