Nashik Pin Code

A Postal Index Number (PIN Code) refers to a six digit code used by the Indian Postal Department. India has 9 functional postal zones that segregate the states & union territories, one functional zone is dedicated to Indian Army. In Nashik Pin codes ,The first digit indicates the postal region in India.The second digit and the third digit combined represent a sorting district within Nashik . The last three digits identifies the post office delivering mail to a locality in Nashik.


List of 671 post offices in Nashik, Maharashtra

Nashik district in Maharashtra has a network of 671 post offices, ensuring efficient mail delivery across local residential areas, private businesses, and government offices in Nashik.

Head post office ( H.O ) in Nashik

Head Office is the main post office in the district Nashik. Administration of all other sub & Brach post offices comes Under its responsibility & jurisdiction. Its primary role is to ensure organized & smooth postal operations in Nashik.

Malegaon 423203MalegaonMaharashtra
Nashik 422001NashikMaharashtra
Nashik Road 422101NashikMaharashtra

Sub Post Office ( S.O ) in Nashik

A branch under the jurisdiction of a Head Post Office, a Sub Post Office in Nashik caters to local services like mail distribution and customer service. In its 8 working hours , SO plays a specific role in facilitating postal services to specific regions in Nashik.

MUHS 422004NashikMaharashtra
Vani 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Wavi 422104SinnarMaharashtra
Devla 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Ghoti 422402NashikMaharashtra
Ojhar 422206NiphadMaharashtra
Peint 422208PeintMaharashtra
Ugaon 422304NAMaharashtra
Yeola 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Zodga 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Abhona 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Bhagur 422502NashikMaharashtra
Harsul 422204TrimbakMaharashtra
Kalwan 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Manmad 423104NandgaonMaharashtra
Nampur 423204MalegaonMaharashtra
Niphad 422303NAMaharashtra
Satana 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Sinnar 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Sukena 422302NiphadMaharashtra
Umrana 423110MalegaonMaharashtra
Dabhadi 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Devlali 422401NashikMaharashtra
Dindori 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Girnara 422203NashikMaharashtra
Nimgaon 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Surgana 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Trimbak 422212TrimbakMaharashtra
Upnagar 422006NashikMaharashtra
Vinchur 422305NAMaharashtra
Andarsul 423402YeolaMaharashtra
Chandori 422201NiphadMaharashtra
Chandwad 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Igatpuri 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Jaikheda 423303SatanaMaharashtra
Khedgaon 422205DindoriMaharashtra
Nagarsul 423403YeolaMaharashtra
Nandgaon 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Saundana 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Saykheda 422210NiphadMaharashtra
K.K.Nagar 422308NiphadMaharashtra
Lasalgaon 422306NAMaharashtra
Naydongri 424109NandgaonMaharashtra
Panchvati 422003NashikMaharashtra
Ravalgaon 423108MalegaonMaharashtra
Taharabad 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Ambad A.S422010NashikMaharashtra
B.S. Nagar 422301NiphadMaharashtra
Lakhamapur 423213MalegaonMaharashtra
Ojhar T.S422207NiphadMaharashtra
Puria Park 422003NashikMaharashtra
Ashok Nagar 422012NashikMaharashtra
Gole Colony 422002NashikMaharashtra
Meri Colony 422004NashikMaharashtra
Nehru Nagar 422101NashikMaharashtra
Vadali Bhoi 423117ChandwadMaharashtra
Budhwar Peth 422001NashikMaharashtra
Cidco Colony 422009NashikMaharashtra
Indira Nagar 422009NashikMaharashtra
Devlali Bazar 422401NashikMaharashtra
Dwarka Corner 422011NashikMaharashtra
Gandhi Nagar 422006NashikMaharashtra
H P T College 422005NashikMaharashtra
Malegaon Camp 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Malegaon City 423203MalegaonMaharashtra
Satana Market 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Idgaon Devlali 422101NashikMaharashtra
Jeevan Prakash 422002NashikMaharashtra
Kalaram Mandir 422003NashikMaharashtra
Nandurshingote 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Nashik City 422001NashikMaharashtra
Sawarkar Nagar 422013NashikMaharashtra
Trimurti Chowk 422008NashikMaharashtra
Vadner Bhairav 423111ChandwadMaharashtra
Vaitarna Nagar 422214IgatpuriMaharashtra
Ojhar A.FStn422221NiphadMaharashtra
Satpur Township 422007NashikMaharashtra
Vadner Malegaon 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Devlali Air Force 422501NashikMaharashtra
Industrial Estate 422007NashikMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Baswant 422209NiphadMaharashtra
TP Station Eklahre 422105NashikMaharashtra
Ycm Open Univesity 422222NashikMaharashtra
Nashik Main Road 422001NashikMaharashtra
Nashik Road Camp 422102NashikMaharashtra
Yeola Kutcheri Road 423401YevlaMaharashtra
India Security Press 422101NashikMaharashtra
Manmad Shiwaji Chouk 423104NandgaonMaharashtra
Market Yard Malegaon 423203MalegaonMaharashtra
Sangmeshwar Malegaon 423203MalegaonMaharashtra
Trimbak Vidya Mandir 422213TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
I.A. Musalgaon Sinnar 422112SinnarMaharashtra
Malegaon Nayapura Ward 423203MalegaonMaharashtra
Ind. Est. Malegaon Sinnar 422113SinnarMaharashtra

Branch Post office (B.O) in Nashik

A Branch Post Office in Nashik works as a smaller unit. With four working hours , It runs with basic postal services and facilitates mail handling and assisting in walk-in customers. It contributes to increasing reach & accessibility in rural areas in Nashik.

Bej 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Rui 422305NiphadMaharashtra
Amba 422207NAMaharashtra
Arai 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Chas 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Dari 422003DindoriMaharashtra
Dixi 422302NiphadMaharashtra
Dodi 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Khed 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Mani 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Odha 422003NashikMaharashtra
Oney 422302NiphadMaharashtra
Otur 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Ozar 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Pade 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Pate 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Puri 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Waki 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Ware 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Zadi 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Amlon 422204NashikMaharashtra
Ankai 423104YeolaMaharashtra
Barhe 422007SurganaMaharashtra
Bhaur 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Bokte 423402YeolaMaharashtra
Bubli 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Dapur 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Datli 422112SinnarMaharashtra
Dyane 423204SatanaMaharashtra
Ganur 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Gonde 422208PeintMaharashtra
Gonde 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Haste 422007SurganaMaharashtra
Haste 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Hatti 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Hatti 423117ChandwadMaharashtra
Jopul 422209DindoriMaharashtra
Jopul 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Karhe 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Kohor 422208PeintMaharashtra
Kusur 423403Yeola.Maharashtra
Manur 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Mavdi 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Meshi 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Narul 423501KalwnMaharashtra
Nimon 423104ChandwadMaharashtra
Palse 422102NashikMaharashtra
Paste 422113SinnarMaharashtra
Patne 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Sakur 422502IgatpuriMaharashtra
Sapte 422203TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Sarad 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Sarde 423204SatanaMaharashtra
Shaha 422104SinnarMaharashtra
Shelu 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Sonaj 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Titwe 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Uswad 423104ChandwadMaharashtra
Vadel 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Vasol 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Wakad 422305NiphadMaharashtra
Adgaon 422003NashikMaharashtra
Adgaon 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Akrale 422004DindoriMaharashtra
Alwand 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Ambode 422007SurganaMaharashtra
Amboli 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Astane 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Berwal 422204TrimabakeshwarMaharashtra
Bhalur 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Bharam 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Bhuvan 422208PeintMaharashtra
Borale 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Borwat 422208PeintMaharashtra
Chirai 423204MalegaonMaharashtra
Dalwat 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Daswel 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Deopur 422308NiphadMaharashtra
Devpur 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Dubera 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Dugaon 422203NashikMaharashtra
Dugaon 423104ChandwadMaharashtra
Galane 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Ganore 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Golwad 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Harnul 423104NandgaonMaharashtra
Hatgad 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Indore 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Jahule 422007SurganaMaharashtra
Janori 422207DindoriMaharashtra
Jaulke 422207NashikMaharashtra
Kapshi 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Karsul 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Kasari 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Kashti 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Kavnai 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Kelzar 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Khadki 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Khalap 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Khayde 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Khedle 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Khirad 422211KalwanMaharashtra
Kotbel 423204SatanaMaharashtra
Kukane 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Mahaje 422007DindoriMaharashtra
Matane 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Matori 422003DindoriMaharashtra
Mehune 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Mohadi 422207DindoriMaharashtra
Mukane 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Mukhed 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Mukhed 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Mulane 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Mulher 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Mungse 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Nagada 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Nigdol 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Nitane 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Nivane 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Palsan 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Patoda 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Patole 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Pilkos 423501SatanaMaharashtra
Pimpri 422301NiphadMaharashtra
Pohane 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Raipur 423104ChandwadMaharashtra
Ranwad 422308NiphadMaharashtra
Rohile 422203TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Sakora 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Sakore 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Sakuri 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Salher 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Sayale 422104SinnarMaharashtra
Shemli 423213SatanaMaharashtra
Shenit 422502IgatpuriMaharashtra
Sherul 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Shinde 422102NashikMaharashtra
Shivde 422502SinnarMaharashtra
Shivre 422215ChanwadMaharashtra
Sogras 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Sompur 423303SatanaMaharashtra
Takali 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Tehare 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Tembhe 423204MalegaonMaharashtra
Tilwan 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Tingri 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Tokade 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Umrala 422003NashikMaharashtra
Utrane 423204SatanaMaharashtra
Vanoli 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Virane 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Vitave 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Wadala 422006NashikMaharashtra
Wasali 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Zarwad 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Alangun 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Ambasan 423204MalegaonMaharashtra
Anjneri 422213NashikMaharashtra
Antapur 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Askheda 423303SatanaMaharashtra
Athambe 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Aundane 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Bangaon 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Bhanwad 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Bhatode 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Bhayale 423117ChandwadMaharashtra
Bhilwad 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Bhormal 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Bolthan 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Borgaon 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Chatori 422210NiphadMaharashtra
Dahiwad 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Dahiwal 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Deogaon 422305NiphadMaharashtra
Deoghat 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Desgaon 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Desrane 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Devgaon 422214TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Devsane 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Devthan 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Dhamode 423403YeolaMaharashtra
Dhandri 423213SatanaMaharashtra
Dighwad 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Gandole 422007SurganaMaharashtra
Girnare 423110MalegaonMaharashtra
Gosrane 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Jaidhar 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Jaigaon 422102SinnarMaharashtra
Jakhori 422102NashikMaharashtra
Jalkhed 422007NashikMaharashtra
Kaluste 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Kalwadi 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Kanashi 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Kandane 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Kankuri 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Katarni 423104YevlaMaharashtra
Kaulana 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Kaulana 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Kersane 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Khadked 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Kharwal 422204TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Khatwad 422004DindoriMaharashtra
Konambe 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Kopurli 422208PeintMaharashtra
Korahte 422207DindoriMaharashtra
Kothare 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Kothure 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Kundane 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Kusmadi 423403YeolaMaharashtra
Lahavit 422502NashikMaharashtra
Lohoner 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Lonwadi 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Malgaon 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Malwadi 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Mandwad 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Mangone 422208PeintMaharashtra
Mangrul 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Mankhed 422007SurganaMaharashtra
Mhasgan 422208PeintMaharashtra
Mhasrul 422004NashikMaharashtra
Mohpada 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Munjwad 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Murambi 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Nagapur 423104NandgaonMaharashtra
Naigaon 422102SinnarMaharashtra
Naitale 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Nalwadi 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Nanashi 422007DindoriMaharashtra
Nanduri 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Nirgude 422208PeintMaharashtra
Nirhale 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Padalde 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Pale BK 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Palkhed 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Pandane 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Pathare 422104SinnarMaharashtra
Pimpale 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Pimplad 422010NashikMaharashtra
Pimplad 422306NiphadMaharashtra
Pimplus 422301NiphadMaharashtra
Pokhari 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Rajapur 422205DindoriMaharashtra
Rajapur 423403YeolaMaharashtra
Rajmane 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Ravalji 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Ronzane 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Samundi 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Saygaon 423402YeolaMaharashtra
Shingve 423104ChandwadMaharashtra
Shingwe 422210NiphadMaharashtra
Shivare 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Sonambe 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Sonjamb 422205DindoriMaharashtra
Soygaon 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Talwade 423101ChandwdMaharashtra
Talwade 423108MalegaonMaharashtra
Talwade 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Tisgaon 422205DindoriMaharashtra
Tisgaon 423110MalegaonMaharashtra
Usthale 422208PeintMaharashtra
Vadbare 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Vadgaon 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Vadzire 422102SinnarMaharashtra
Valwade 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Vaygaon 423108MalegaonMaharashtra
Velunje 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Vilholi 422010NashikMaharashtra
Virgaon 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Visapur 423501SatanaMaharashtra
Wadgaon 422203NashikMaharashtra
Waghare 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Waghera 422203TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Wajgaon 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Wakhari 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Wakhari 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Walkhed 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Yesgaon 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Aghar BK 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Aghar KH 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Ahergaon 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Aliyabad 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Ambegaon 422003DindoriMaharashtra
Ambupada 422007SurganaMaharashtra
Asarbari 422208PeintMaharashtra
Ashewadi 422003NashikMaharashtra
Awankhed 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Bahaduri 422205ChandvadMaharashtra
Bhatgaon 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Bhatgaon 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Bhendali 422210NiphadMaharashtra
Bhojapur 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Bopegaon 422205DindoriMaharashtra
Chandora 424109NandgaonMaharashtra
Chaugaon 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Chausale 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Dahiwadi 422104SinnarMaharashtra
Daregaon 423104ChandwadMaharashtra
Deshmane 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Dhakambe 422004DindoriMaharashtra
Dheku KH 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Dhodamba 423117ChandwadMaharashtra
Dhondmal 422208PeintMaharashtra
Dhulgaon 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Dongrale 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Gangapur 422222NashikMaharashtra
Girnadam 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Gulvanch 422112SinnarMaharashtra
Jambutke 422003DindoriMaharashtra
Jamdhari 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Jategaon 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Kalmuste 422204TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Karanjad 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Kaudasar 422007DindoriMaharashtra
Kazimale 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Khadgaon 423104NandgaonMaharashtra
Khakurdi 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Khambale 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Khamtane 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Kharshet 422204TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Khirmani 423204SatanaMaharashtra
Koshimbe 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Kukudane 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Kulwandi 422204NashikMaharashtra
Kumbhale 422208PeintMaharashtra
Malegaon 422203TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Mamdapur 423403YeolaMaharashtra
Manegaon 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Mohegaon 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Mungsara 422003DindoriMaharashtra
Nandgaon 422305NiphadMaharashtra
Nandgaon 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Nandgaon 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Nandurdi 422308NiphadMaharashtra
Nanegaon 422502NashikMaharashtra
Nilwandi 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Panchale 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Pandurli 422502SinnarMaharashtra
Pangarne 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Pardhadi 424109NandgaonMaharashtra
Paregaon 422215ChandwadMaharashtra
Pathardi 422010NashikMaharashtra
Rasegaon 422003DindoriMaharashtra
Salbhoye 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Satkhamb 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Sayne BK 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Shindwad 422205DindoriMaharashtra
Shirwade 423111ChandwadMaharashtra
Somthane 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Taked BK 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Thangaon 422007NashikMaharashtra
Thangaon 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Thangaon 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Thengoda 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Torangan 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Vadangli 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Varkheda 422205DindoriMaharashtra
Vikharni 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Vilwandi 422203DindoriMaharashtra
Waghamba 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Warwandi 423102KalwanMaharashtra
Agaskhind 422502SinnarMaharashtra
Akhatwade 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Angangaon 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Angulgaon 423402YeolaMaharashtra
Bhutayane 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Bordaivat 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Chankapur 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Chaundana 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Chinchave 423110DeolaMaharashtra
Chincholi 422102SinnarMaharashtra
Chitegaon 422003SurganaMaharashtra
Dalpatpur 422204TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Daraswadi 423101ChandvadMaharashtra
Deodongra 422204TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Devargaon 422203NashikMaharashtra
Devargaon 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Dhondbhar 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Dondegaon 422203NashikMaharashtra
Erandgaon 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Gajarwadi 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Gondegaon 422305NiphadMaharashtra
Hiswal BK 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Hiswal KH 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Kalamdari 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Kanadgaon 423104ChandwadMaharashtra
Karanjali 422208PeintMaharashtra
Karanjaon 422210NiphadMaharashtra
Karanjwan 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Khairgaon 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Khamkheda 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Kokangaon 422207DindoriMaharashtra
Korapgaon 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Kotamgaon 422105NashikMaharashtra
Kotamgaon 422306NiphadMaharashtra
Kumbharde 423110MalegaonMaharashtra
Kumbhardi 422308NiphadMaharashtra
Kundegaon 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Lakhmapur 422202DindoirMaharashtra
Lonarwadi 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Madkijamb 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Madsangvi 422003NashikMaharashtra
Marhal BK 422606SinnarMaharashtra
Matulthan 423403YeolaMaharashtra
Mokbhangi 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Morenagar 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Musalgaon 422112SinnarMaharashtra
Nachlondi 422204PethMaharashtra
Neminagar 423101ChandvadMaharashtra
Nimbayati 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Ojharkhed 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Ojharkhed 422204TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Palasdare 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Pangri BK 422104SinnarMaharashtra
Pimple KH 423502KalwanMaharashtra
Rameshwar 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Sanjegaon 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Savargaon 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Savargaon 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Shirsondi 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Takali KH 422306NiphadMaharashtra
Tamaswadi 422103NiphadMaharashtra
Umbarkhed 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Umbarpada 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Umbarthan 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Undirwadi 423402YeolaMaharashtra
Vadali BK 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Vanasgaon 422304NiphadMaharashtra
Vehelgaon 423106NandgaonMaharashtra
Vithewadi 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Wadivarhe 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Amba (Peint) 422208PeintMaharashtra
Aswali R.S 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Bharvir BK 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Boys Town 422007NashikMaharashtra
Bramanpade 423303SatanaMaharashtra
Chinchkhed 422209DindoriMaharashtra
Chinchohol 422204TrimabakeshwarMaharashtra
Chinchondi 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Chinchwade 422204TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Dawachwadi 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Dhamangaon 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Dhondgavan 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Dongargaon 422305NiphadMaharashtra
Dongargaon 423110DevlaMaharashtra
Hiwarkheda 423101ChandwadMaharashtra
Jalgaon KH 424109NandgaonMaharashtra
Jorandigar 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Kadwanagar 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Kanmandale 423117ChandwadMaharashtra
Kathargaon 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Kazisangvi 423101ChnadwadMaharashtra
Khadakjamb 423117ChandwadMaharashtra
Khedlezung 422305NiphadMaharashtra
Khopadi BK 422112SinnarMaharashtra
Khuntewadi 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Kikwari KH 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Kochargaon 422203NashikMaharashtra
Kundalgaon 423104ChandvadMaharashtra
Lakhalgaon 422003NashikMaharashtra
Mahiravani 422213NashikMaharashtra
Maledumala 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Materewadi 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Mhalsakore 422103NiphadMaharashtra
Mithsagare 422104SinnarMaharashtra
Mundhegaon 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Nalwadpada 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Pachore BK 422306NiphadMaharashtra
Palasvihir 422007DindoriMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon 423202MalegaonMaharashtra
Pimpalnare 422004DindoriMaharashtra
Pimpalnare 423111ChandvadMaharashtra
Pimparkhed 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Pimparkhed 424109NandgaonMaharashtra
Redgaon BK 423111ChandwadMaharashtra
Redgaon KH 422306NiphadMaharashtra
Sakorewani 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Savkarwadi 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Shevgedang 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Shirasgaon 422207DindoriMaharashtra
Shirasmani 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Shribhuvan 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Tandulwadi 423303SatanaMaharashtra
Vajirkheda 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Vani Khurd 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Vanjarwadi 423104YeolaMaharashtra
Wavi Harsh 422214TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Ahiwantwadi 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Belatgavhan 422401NashikMaharashtra
Brahmangaon 423213SatanaMaharashtra
Brahmanwade 422102SinnarMaharashtra
Brahmanwade 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Chachadgaon 422003DindoriMaharashtra
Chandanpuri 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Chikhalohal 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Chinchgavan 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Darnasangvi 422003NiphadMaharashtra
Gondedumala 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Jategaon BK 422204NashikMaharashtra
Jawalkewani 422209DindoriMaharashtra
Jogalthembi 422102SinnarMaharashtra
Karanjgavan 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Khirdisathe 423403YeolaMaharashtra
Madhmeshwar 422103NiphadMaharashtra
Mahalpatane 423213SatanaMaharashtra
Makhmalabad 422003NashikMaharashtra
Pachorewani 422209NiphadMaharashtra
Pahuchibari 422007PeintMaharashtra
Pimpalkotha 423302SatanaMaharashtra
Sarolethadi 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Shirpurwade 423204SatanaMaharashtra
Somthandesh 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Thana (Peint) 422204PeintMaharashtra
Tringalwadi 422402IgatpuriMaharashtra
Waghdad Dam 422003NashikMaharashtra
Aswali Harsh 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Dangsaundane 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Dhavaleshwar 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Jalgaon Neur 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Kherwadi R.S 422201NiphadMaharashtra
Nimgaon Madh 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Talegaon Rui 423104ChandwadMaharashtra
Talwadedigar 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Vahegaon Sal 422306NiphadMaharashtra
Wadali Nazik 422207NiphadMaharashtra
Bhavali Khurd 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Gangamhalungi 422203NashikMaharashtra
Khadak Sukena 422207DindoriMaharashtra
Pimpri-sayyed 422003DindoriMaharashtra
Rakshasbhuvan 422007SurganaMaharashtra
Surgana (Peint) 422208PeintMaharashtra
Vadgaon Pangu 423104NandgaonMaharashtra
Vadner Dumala 422401NashikMaharashtra
Ajmer Saundana 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Baragaonpimpri 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Dhrangaon Veer 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Erandgaon Jeur 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Hatrundi (Peint) 422208PeintMaharashtra
Jalgaon Galane 423202MalegaonMaharashtra
Kharde Wakhari 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Malegaon (Peint) 422208PeintMaharashtra
Nimgaon (Sinnar) 422103SinnarMaharashtra
Pimpri -achala 422215DindoriMaharashtra
Savki Lohoner 423301SatanaMaharashtra
Suregaon Rasta 423402YeolaMaharashtra
Vinchuri-dalvi 422502SinnarMaharashtra
Belgaon Tarhale 422403IgatpuriMaharashtra
Khadak Malegaon 422304NiphadMaharashtra
Khambala Anjeri 422213TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Malegaon Karyat 423104NandgaonMaharashtra
Talegaon(Dindori) 422004DindoriMaharashtra
Vadgaon Pingala 422502SinnarMaharashtra
Chinchave Galane 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Hatrundi (Surgana) 422211SurganaMaharashtra
Palkhed Bandhara 422202DindoriMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Dukra 422502IgatpuriMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Jalal 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Khamb 422010NashikMaharashtra
Sapthshringigarh 423501KalwanMaharashtra
Shirasgaon Lauki 423401YeolaMaharashtra
Shirasgaon (Peint) 422204TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Talegaon Anjneri 422213NashikMaharashtra
Talegaon (Trimbak) 422212TrimbakeshwarMaharashtra
Jalgaon Nimbayati 423104MalegaonMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Bahula 422213NashikMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Nipani 422102NiphadMaharashtra
Talegaon (Igatpuri) 422403NashikMaharashtra
Barnes High School 422401NashikMaharashtra
Nandur Madhmeshwar 422303NiphadMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Wakhari 423102DevlaMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Garudeshwar 422213NashikMaharashtra
Police Training School 422007NashikMaharashtra
Udhoji Maratha Boarding 422005NashikMaharashtra
Bhonsala Military School 422005NashikMaharashtra

Companies Based at Nashik

Company Name Activity Address
ANVI CONSTRUWELL PRIVATE LIMITED Construction Bazar Lane R1441 Tal-vani Vani Maharashtra India 422215
SAPTASRINGI CASTINGS & ROLLING MILLS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Office No. 19, Kharbanda Park Dwarka, Pune Road, Nashik Maharashtra India 422011
ALLIGO LIFE SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) Bunglow No. 76, Behind Seble Furniture Bajirao Tidake Nagar Nashik Maharashtra India 422008
S P FURNICHERKHOJ IDEAS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Flat No.03, Sumangal Park, Savarkar Nagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik Maharashtra India 422005
SWATI ELECTROTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments) Shop No. 8, Vijaykiran Apartment Tidke Colony, Nashik Maharashtra India 422002
ANUVAA SOFTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Plot No.12, Sno 495, Samrtha Colony, Opp. Nilonce Akshay Chambers Prabhat Chowk Jalgaon Maharashtra India 422305
S M FRESH PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Food stuffs) Fl. No. 2, Trambak Dham Height, Maneksha Nagar, Dwarka Nashik Maharashtra India 422001
DEES TRU-LIFE VISION PRIVATE LIMITED Trading S No 507/505, Plot No- 05, Kauthaghati Road, Jagannath Co Nashik Maharashtra India 422009
PERDURES FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Food stuffs) Flat No. 02, Alaknanda Socy. Opp. Vyapari Bank-asha Nagar, Bytco Point Nashik Maharashtra India 422101
SHREE PARVATI FITNESS HUB PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Fl. N. 18, Maitra Heights Apt, Hanuman Wadi, M. Bad Road, Panchavati Nashik Maharashtra India 422001
VIJAY VEDIC AGROTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services B 2/3, Rathachakra Society Indira Nagar Nashik Maharashtra India 422009
CABSONS INSULATION PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments) Plot No. 4, Asn Sector, Ashwin Nagar Nashik Maharashtra India 422009
SWATI ELECTROSERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments) Shop No. 8, Vijaykiran Apartment Tidke Colony, Nashik Maharashtra India 422002
SUNMAN OVERSEAS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Flat No. 12, Vijay Gopal Co. Hsg. Soc., Tidke Colony Nashik Maharashtra India 422002
CHICKENTANGDI.COM RESTO-CHAINS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Food stuffs) 15, Shrikantha Bungalow, Jagtap Mala Near Swimming Pool, Nashik Road Nashik Maharashtra India 422101
MAHA AGRITECH EXTENSION PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Flat No 3 Sr No 447/15 Nandi Residency, Pawarmala Nashik Maharashtra India 422003
VIGHNAHAR WORKS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) Anudatta, P No.6, S No.988, Siddhivinayak Colony, Savata Nagar, Sanjivani Hospital, Nashik Maharashtra India 422008
GAIA BUSINESS CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Shriniwas, 1/1, Dalubhai Patel Colony, Trimbak Road, Nashik Maharashtra India 422002
TECH INDIANA SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Shop No 032, Roongtha Shopping Mall Plotno 1 Nashik Maharashtra India 422010
SONAWANE FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Food stuffs) Sno 236/1-3, Plot No. 11, Vinayak Bunglow Near Amrut Kumbh Hsg. Sty., Mhasrul Nashik Maharashtra India 422003
JEEVAK MEDITOOLS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments) 21, Vikas Colony Trimbak Road Nashik Maharashtra India 422007
VISCOM INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Shop No.5 6, Siddi Chember, Pandit Colony, Nashik Maharashtra India 422001
M. S. SHELTERS & INFRASTRUCTURES PRIVATE LIMITED Construction F No. 1, Jatan Building, Opp. Rotary Hall Nashik Opp. Jain Temple Nashik Maharashtra India 422001
INGEMATE TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICES & CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Shop No.15, Anand Bazar, Tilak Path, Nashik Road, Nashik Maharashtra India 422101

Bank Branches in Nashik

Bank Name Branch Address
YES BANK LTD Nashik Ground Floor, Shop No A3 & A4, ?metro 99?, Kulkarni Baug, Plot No 55&60, Revenue Survey No 715/b, Off College Road, Nashik 422005
ABHYUDAYA COOP BANK LTD Canada Corner, Nashik Shop No. 3 & 4 & Office No.4, 5 & 6, Lucky Palace Apartments, Canada Corner, Sharanpur Trimbak Road, Nashik - 422 002.
CITIZEN CREDIT COOP BANK LTD Nashik Branch Shop No.5, 'bosco Centre' Gr. Flr, Thatte Nagar, Near Prasad Circle, Gangapur Road
CSB BANK LTD Dugaon Ground Floor Shop No. 1& 2, Dugaon ? Girnare Road, Dugaon Village Nasik Taluk Nasik ? 422 203
IDBI BANK LTD Nashik Gangapur Thattenagar
IDFC FIRST BANK LTD Nashik Branch Ground Floor ,shop No. 2, ?shanta-madhav Sankul? , Mico Circle, Trimbak Road, Nashik - 422002, Maharashtra
JANASEVA SAHAKARI BANK LTD.,HADAPSAR,PUNE Nashik Bodhale Building,mahatma Nagar,near Bhosala Miliitry School Nashik
Kallappanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Sharanpur Road 'suyojit Sankul',g - 3, Ground Floor,? Near Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Sharanpur Road, Old Gangapur Naka
KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK Nashik - Khutwadnagar Shop No-1 Soham Plaza,near Citu Bhavan,khutwad Nagar Nasik - ?422009, Maharashtra
Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd Takali Vinchur Khadkmalegaon Road, Khandero Galli, Takali Vinchur, Tal-lasalgaon Dist -nashik
The Cosmos Co-Op Bank Ltd Nashik Branch Gurudarshan, Plot No.13, F.p.476/c,opp Police Ayukt Karyalaya, Sharanpur Trimbak 422005
THE NASIK MERCHANTS CO-OP BANK LTD Dhanvarshinibr. Dhanwardhini Tilak Path In Front Of Neharu Garden
THE AKOLA URBAN CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD., AKOLA Nashik Near Mehar Plaza Buildingold Agra Road
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Nashik Utkarsh Small Finance Bank,siddhi Pooja Trade Centre, Shop No.03 Plot No.10, Sr. No.735 / B,opposite Byk College,college Road Nashik - 422005
BANK OF BARODA City Nasik Nasik City Branch Gaurishankar Near Jagannath Restorant M.g.road Tilak Path Nashik
INDIAN BANK Nasik City Pb 122, 480 Y, Swami R P Road, Nasik, Maharashtra 422002
The Nasik Road Deolali Vyapari Sahakari Bank Ltd. Nashik Road Kalpavruksha Asha Nagar Nashik Rd
JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD,.PUNE Nasik Branch (nsk) Alpha Square,d Souza Colony, Off. College Road,times Of India Building Opp.kathiyavad Showroom,nashik 422 005
GS MAHANAGAR CO-OP BANK LTD. Nasik Branch(nsk) Miranda Apartment, Town Planning Scheme No.2, Plot No.29, Gangapur Road, Nasik-422005.
DOMBIVALI NAGARIK SAHAKARI BANK LTD Nashik Shop No. 3, Ground Floor, Indira Heights, Old Gangapur Naka Circle, Gangapur Road, Nashik - 422002
THE BHARAT COOPERATIVE BANK (MUMBAI) LTD. Nashik Rushiraj Annex,gr Floor, D Souza Colony, Opp College Road
JALGAON JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD Nashik Main Shop No 3 To 6,shri Mahadev Complex,near Adarsh School,opp.c.b.s.,old Agra Road,nasik-422001
SVC CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD Ambad - Pune Parshwanath Chs, Near Symbiosis College, Plot No. 29, Sector S.s.a.1, N H Shrawan Sector, Ambad, Cidco, Nashik - 422009

India is the largest in the world for its postal services, This system of 6 digits PIN was introduced by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India in the year 1972. It was started by then additional secretary Mr. Shriram Bikaji Velankar in the Union Communications Ministry. PIN code system plays a very important role in identifying the addresses. India has more than 2000 cities, 6 lakh villages and 1,50,000 post offices. In such a vast country, it was a major challenge to manage the postal system with accuracy & high delivery rate. Due to large numbers of localities & post offices with similar names and regions, It was getting complicated therefore the Pin code based postal system was launched to decrease the complexity of the postal system in the country.

India is a country where the language changes every 100 km and there is no specific format for address. It's not possible to know the Bengali language for a Maratha man who works at the Maharashtra post office. PIN code system assists the postal department in the process of sorting and delivering the mail to the correct address precisely. With indistinguishable names of the cities in different states and languages, without pin codes the sorting and delivering of mail, parcels & couriers, or any other postal service would have been way too difficult to deliver accurately.

Faqs for pincode Nashik

Q1: How many post offices are in Nashik district ?.

A1: There are 671 post offices in Nashik district.

Q2: How many Head Post Offices (H.O), Sub Post Offices (S.O), and Branch Offices (B.O) are in Nashik ?.

A2: There are 3 Head Post Offices (H.O), 95 Sub Post Offices (S.O) and 573 Branch Offices (B.O) in Nashik.

Q3: How to find a post office address in Nashik using ensearchopedia?.

A3: You can use our Post office search tool to check the details of any post office in Nashik.

Q3: How many Pin codes are allocated to Nashik district?.

A4: As per India Postal Department, there are 145 Pin codes allocated to Nashik.

Q5: What is Nashik's pincode?.

A5: Nashik as a district has multiple post offices and each has its pincode. Generally, it begins with 422 then followed by three digits that represent the address of the recipient's post office. For example, MUHS in Nashik has a pin code of 422004.

Q6: How do I find the PIN code of my location?.

A6: You can very conveniently find the pin code of your location on ensearchopedia. You have to select State and District from the drop-down menu of our post office search tool and it will lead you to the complete list of post offices in your city with pin codes of your region OR simply search any pincode on pincode search tool & it will redirect you to the location of that pincode.

Q7: How does a Zip code differ from a pin code?

A7: ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan code whereas Pin code is the abbreviation of Postal Index Number code. Both are used to track a specific location and the geographic area for the delivery of mail & parcels.

Introduced by the Indian Postal Department in 1972, Postal Index Number code ( PIN code ) is a 6-digit code assigned to post offices In India. On the other hand, The term Zone Improvement Plan code (zip code) is used primarily in the United States of America by USPS ( United States Postal Service ) to help them improve & deliver mail efficiently.

Country-specific postal services, both Zip & PIN codes serve the same purpose of identifying a local post office & local area for efficient mail delivery.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Ensearchopedia on Nashik pin codes is latest and updated regularly as per the data available on the official website of the India Postal Department but the users hereby are advised to verify the postal codes of Nashik information with the concerned Post Office in Nashik, Maharashtra. However, takes no responsibility and cannot be liable for any damages caused by the use of information on account of being temporarily unavailable, data not updated, incorrect data, or any other technical issues beyond our control.

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