Barmer Pin Code

A Postal Index Number (PIN Code) refers to a six digit code used by the Indian Postal Department. India has 9 functional postal zones that segregate the states & union territories, one functional zone is dedicated to Indian Army. In Barmer Pin codes ,The first digit indicates the postal region in India.The second digit and the third digit combined represent a sorting district within Barmer . The last three digits identifies the post office delivering mail to a locality in Barmer.


List of 481 post offices in Barmer, Rajasthan

Barmer district in Rajasthan has a network of 481 post offices, ensuring efficient mail delivery across local residential areas, private businesses, and government offices in Barmer.

Head post office ( H.O ) in Barmer

Head Office is the main post office in the district Barmer. Administration of all other sub & Brach post offices comes Under its responsibility & jurisdiction. Its primary role is to ensure organized & smooth postal operations in Barmer.

Barmer 344001BarmerRajasthan

Sub Post Office ( S.O ) in Barmer

A branch under the jurisdiction of a Head Post Office, a Sub Post Office in Barmer caters to local services like mail distribution and customer service. In its 8 working hours , SO plays a specific role in facilitating postal services to specific regions in Barmer.

Shiv 344701ShivRajasthan
Baitu 344034BaituRajasthan
Gunga 344705GungaRajasthan
Jasol 344024JasolRajasthan
Kavas 344035KavasRajasthan
Padru 344801PadruRajasthan
Parlu 344027ParluRajasthan
Sedwa 344706SedwaRajasthan
Ramsar 344502RamsarRajasthan
Siwana 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Balotra 344022BalotraRajasthan
Bishala 344011BishalaRajasthan
Chohtan 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Samdari 344021SamdariRajasthan
Mokalsar 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Ranigaon 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Rawatsar 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Sanawara 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Sindhari 344033SindhariRajasthan
Dhorimana 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Kalyanpur 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Mewanagar 344025MewanagarRajasthan
Balotra IA 344022BalotraRajasthan
Balotra SB 344022BalotraRajasthan
Gadra Road 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Gudamalani 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Samdari RS 344021SamdariRajasthan
Barmer DB 344001BarmerRajasthan
Barmer PR 344001BarmerRajasthan
Barmer RS 344001BarmerRajasthan
Barmer Coll 344001BarmerRajasthan
Pachpadra City 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Swau Padamsingh 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan

Branch Post office (B.O) in Barmer

A Branch Post Office in Barmer works as a smaller unit. With four working hours , It runs with basic postal services and facilitates mail handling and assisting in walk-in customers. It contributes to increasing reach & accessibility in rural areas in Barmer.

Pau 344801PadruRajasthan
Adel 344033SindhariRajasthan
Ajit 344021SamdariRajasthan
Arti 344706SedwaRajasthan
Band 344033SindhariRajasthan
Bola 344001BarmerRajasthan
Boli 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Dhok 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Ekal 344706SedwaRajasthan
Gida 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Gora 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Hodu 344033SindhariRajasthan
Jhak 344035KavasRajasthan
Koja 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Kolu 344034BaituRajasthan
Kudi 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Nand 344011BishalaRajasthan
Nokh 344001BarmerRajasthan
Para 344001BarmerRajasthan
Sada 344033SindhariRajasthan
Sata 344706SedwaRajasthan
Sura 344011BishalaRajasthan
Thob 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Undu 344701ShivRajasthan
Akoda 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Antia 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Arang 344701GungaRajasthan
Asada 344022BalotraRajasthan
Asadi 344011BishalaRajasthan
Balai 344701ShivRajasthan
Balau 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Banta 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Bhata 344801PadruRajasthan
Borwa 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Bukar 344502RamsarRajasthan
Chadi 344502RamsarRajasthan
Chawa 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Chuli 344011BishalaRajasthan
Dabar 344011BishalaRajasthan
Daboi 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Dakha 344022BalotraRajasthan
Deora 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Dudhu 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Garal 344001BarmerRajasthan
Gehun 344001BarmerRajasthan
Gidan 344706SedwaRajasthan
Girab 344011BishalaRajasthan
Hadwa 344705GungaRajasthan
Jagsa 344022BalotraRajasthan
Jajwa 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Jasai 344001BarmerRajasthan
Jaydu 344001BarmerRajasthan
Kagau 344001BarmerRajasthan
Kanod 344034Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Kekar 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Khari 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Konra 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Korna 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Koslu 344033SindhariRajasthan
Kotra 344701ShivRajasthan
Kurla 344001BarmerRajasthan
Lukhu 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Majal 344021SamdariRajasthan
Malwa 344011BishalaRajasthan
Manki 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Maori 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Mehlu 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Neori 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Newai 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Nosar 344033SindhariRajasthan
Ogala 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Pareu 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Pusad 344701ShivRajasthan
Radwa 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Rakhi 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Rateu 344035KavasRajasthan
Ratri 344021SamdariRajasthan
Sanau 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Sanwa 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Sarla 344706SedwaRajasthan
Sarli 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Sarnu 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Sella 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Siner 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Tapra 344022BalotraRajasthan
Alpura 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Asotra 344022BalotraRajasthan
Balera 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Balewa 344011BishalaRajasthan
Bandra 344035KavasRajasthan
Batadu 344035KavasRajasthan
Bhagwa 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Bhimda 344035KavasRajasthan
Bhunia 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Bhunka 344022BalotraRajasthan
Chhotu 344033SindhariRajasthan
Detani 344502RamsarRajasthan
Dhanau 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Dhanwa 344801PadruRajasthan
Dharna 344801PadruRajasthan
Dhiran 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Dudhwa 344034BaituRajasthan
Fogera 344011BishalaRajasthan
Gardia 344502RamsarRajasthan
Goliar 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Gopari 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Hathma 344001BarmerRajasthan
Indroi 344001BarmerRajasthan
Intada 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Ishrol 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Itwaya 344801PadruRajasthan
Jaisar 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Jalila 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Jalipa 344001BarmerRajasthan
Jharpa 344706SedwaRajasthan
Kalewa 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Kaludi 344022BalotraRajasthan
Kanana 344027ParluRajasthan
Kankhi 344801PadruRajasthan
Kaprau 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Kartia 344704dhorimanaRajasthan
Khardi 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Kharwa 344027ParluRajasthan
Khattu 344034BaituRajasthan
Khudal 344705GungaRajasthan
Kitnod 344022BalotraRajasthan
Kotari 344021SamdariRajasthan
Kundal 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Kuship 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Leelma 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Lolawa 344033SindhariRajasthan
Lunada 344035KavasRajasthan
Mangta 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Marudi 344001BarmerRajasthan
Mokhab 344701ShivRajasthan
Mungda 344022BalotraRajasthan
Nagana 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Netrad 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Nimbla 344701ShivRajasthan
Patodi 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Purawa 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Rajdal 344705GungaRajasthan
Redana 344001Barmer HoRajasthan
Rohidi 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Rohila 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Rohili 344035BarmerRajasthan
Sarana 344022BalotraRajasthan
Setrau 344502RamsarRajasthan
Sewali 344021SamdariRajasthan
Shahar 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Shohda 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Sinhar 344706SedwaRajasthan
Sonari 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Sundra 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Thapan 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Udasar 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Undkha 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Unroad 344011BishalaRajasthan
Uparla 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Akadara 344034BaituRajasthan
Alamsar 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Badnava 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Bagawas 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Balasar 344701ShivRajasthan
Bamarla 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Bamseen 344021SamdariRajasthan
Bhadkha 344001BarmerRajasthan
Bhanwar 344706SedwaRajasthan
Bhedana 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Bherudi 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Bhinyad 344701ShivRajasthan
Bhurtia 344035KavasRajasthan
Binjrad 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Bisasar 344706SedwaRajasthan
Bithuja 344022BalotraRajasthan
Boothia 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Chidiya 344034BaituRajasthan
Chochra 344701ShivRajasthan
Dandali 344033SindhariRajasthan
Dedawas 344031GudamalniRajasthan
Dedusar 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Deedhas 344021SamdariRajasthan
Derasar 344001BarmerRajasthan
Devandi 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Gagaria 344502RamsarRajasthan
Gangala 344001BarmerRajasthan
Go R.S344034BaituRajasthan
Godawas 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Gudanal 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Harsani 344011BishalaRajasthan
Hathala 344706SedwaRajasthan
Indrana 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Jakhada 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Jogasar 344033SindhariRajasthan
Kabooli 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Kamthai 344033SindhariRajasthan
Kanasar 344701ShivRajasthan
Kapurdi 344001BarmerRajasthan
Kashmir 344701ShivRajasthan
Katarla 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Kathadi 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Kelnoor 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Khadeen 344001BarmerRajasthan
Khandap 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Khanoda 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Kharchi 344502RamsarRajasthan
Khudala 344033SindhariRajasthan
Khudasa 344001BarmerRajasthan
Kothala 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Kundawa 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Langera 344001BarmerRajasthan
Leelsar 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Loharwa 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Mahabar 344001BarmerRajasthan
Malpura 344001BarmerRajasthan
Mandali 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Medusar 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Mithoda 344801PadruRajasthan
Moolani 344706SedwaRajasthan
Munabao 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Nagarda 344701ShivRajasthan
Nokhada 344033SindhariRajasthan
Padarli 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Panoria 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Paradia 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Piprali 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Rabasar 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Ramania 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Rampura 344021SamdariRajasthan
Ranasar 344502RamsarRajasthan
Ratasar 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Sadecha 344033SindhariRajasthan
Salaria 344706SedwaRajasthan
Sanjata 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Santara 344034BaituRajasthan
Shivkar 344001BarmerRajasthan
Sillore 344027ParluRajasthan
Sinyani 344001BarmerRajasthan
Sodiyar 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Somarad 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Tamlore 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Tilwara 344022BalotraRajasthan
Umarlai 344027ParluRajasthan
Uttarni 344034BaituRajasthan
Arniyali 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Arthandi 344021SamdariRajasthan
Bachhrau 344708DhorimanaRajasthan
Bakhasar 344706SedwaRajasthan
Bandasar 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Bandhada 344011BishalaRajasthan
Bhadresh 344011BishalaRajasthan
Bhalgaon 344706SedwaRajasthan
Bhalisar 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Bhawaria 344706SedwaRajasthan
Bhimthal 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Bhojaria 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Bhojasar 344034BaituRajasthan
Binjasar 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Budiwara 344022BalotraRajasthan
Chalkana 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Chetrodi 344011BishalaRajasthan
Chokhala 344035KavasRajasthan
Dangaria 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Dharasar 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Gwalnada 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Harkhali 344035KavasRajasthan
Harpalia 344706SedwaRajasthan
Janiyana 344022BalotraRajasthan
Janpalia 344706SedwaRajasthan
Jhankali 344701ShivRajasthan
Kankrala 344027ParluRajasthan
Karmawas 344021SamdariRajasthan
Kharapar 344034BaituRajasthan
Khimpsar 344037SwaupadamsinghRajasthan
Khokhsar 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Kitnoria 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Koliyana 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Kosariya 344035KavasRajasthan
Kumpalia 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Lakhwara 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Madhasar 344034BaituRajasthan
Mitharau 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Moothali 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Motisara 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Mungeria 344701shivRajasthan
Panawara 344034BaituRajasthan
Panchala 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Phagalia 344706SedwaRajasthan
Punjasar 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Richholi 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Sanwlore 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Shobhala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Somesara 344034BaituRajasthan
Soorpura 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Tamliyar 344502RamsarRajasthan
Taratara 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Thumbali 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Thumbali 344701ShivRajasthan
Atimalani 344001BarmerRajasthan
Bamarwala 344706SedwaRajasthan
Bhachbhar 344502RamsarRajasthan
Bhalikhal 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Bhimarlai 344034BaituRajasthan
Bisarniya 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Chilanadi 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Gangasara 344706SedwaRajasthan
Golia Jet 344033SindhariRajasthan
Hathitala 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Jalikheda 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Jethantri 344027P;arluRajasthan
Khaniyani 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Kharda BS 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Lunukhurd 344011BishalaRajasthan
Mahilawas 344043MokalsarRajasthan
Mandawala 344033SindhariRajasthan
Nagarnava 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Nimbalkot 344033SindhariRajasthan
Ramdeoria 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Ratanpura 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Sinhaniya 344706SedwaRajasthan
Taku Beri 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Alamsariya 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Balau Jati 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Bhanwarlai 344001BarmerRajasthan
Chandesara 344034BaituRajasthan
Dolikallan 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Jaisindhar 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Kundanpura 344706SedwaRajasthan
Sewaniyala 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Sriramwala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Tirsinghdi 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Babuguleria 344502RamsarRajasthan
Baitu Panji 344034BaituRajasthan
Bhakharpura 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Bhandiyawas 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Bissukallan 344701ShivRajasthan
Chinchrasar 344706SedwaRajasthan
Dudhwakhurd 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Ed Sindhari 344033SindhariRajasthan
Junwa Jagir 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Kharia Tala 344001BarmerRajasthan
Khejadiyali 344021SamdariRajasthan
Meli Bandha 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Patau Khurd 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Rohila West 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Sajiyali Pk 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Sanpa Manji 344033SindhariRajasthan
Sinli Jagir 344022BalotraRajasthan
Undari Juni 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Uttarl R.S344001Barmer HoRajasthan
Abhey Ka Par 344502RamsarRajasthan
Adarsh Basti 344011BishalaRajasthan
Baitu Bhimji 344034BaituRajasthan
Baori Kallan 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Bhimarl R.S344034BaituRajasthan
Booth Jetmal 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Bore Charnan 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Dharvi Khurd 344701ShivRajasthan
Jasa Ka Gaon 344701ShivRajasthan
Junapatrasar 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Kharia Khurd 344033SindhariRajasthan
Madpura Sani 344035KavasRajasthan
Mate Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Mithra Khurd 344001BarmerRajasthan
Sajan Ka Par 344502RamsarRajasthan
Swau Moolraj 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Adrim Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Bhilon Ka Par 344502RamsarRajasthan
Bishala Agore 344011BishalaRajasthan
Chandi Ka Par 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Chitar Ka Par 344035KavasRajasthan
Dharvi Kallan 344701ShivRajasthan
Doli Rajguran 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Gandhavkallan 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Gohar Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Golia Bhailan 344044SiwanaRajasthan
Hire Ki Dhani 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Jaisindh R.S344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Jaton Ka Bera 344706SedwaRajasthan
Juna Lakhwara 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Kamon Ka Bada 344021SamdariRajasthan
Kantal Ka Par 344502RamsarRajasthan
Kharia Kallan 344502RamsarRajasthan
Mithara Khurd 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Mithe Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Pandhi Ka Par 344502RamsarRajasthan
Ramsar Ka Kua 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Ranasar Khurd 344033SindhariRajasthan
Ranideshipura 344021SamdariRajasthan
Swamy Ka Gaon 344705GungaRajasthan
Tanu Mansingh 344701ShivRajasthan
Taratara Math 344012RanigaonRajasthan
Asarwa [Araba] 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Baitu Chimanji 344034BaituRajasthan
Booth Rathodan 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Burhan Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Dudhiya Kallan 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Gumane Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Hapon Ki Dhani 344001BarmerRajasthan
Hudon Ki Dhani 344035KavasRajasthan
Jhampli Kallan 344705GungaRajasthan
Khara Mahechan 344033SindhariRajasthan
Khara Rathodan 344001BarmerRajasthan
Magne Ki Dhani 344001BarmerRajasthan
Mangle Ki Beri 344033SindhariRajasthan
Manpura Kharda 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Nehron Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Pachpadra Salt 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Panyala Kallan 344033SindhariRajasthan
Punion Ka Tala 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Ranasar Kallan 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Raniadashipura 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Saiyon Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Sarupe Ka Tala 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Shahdad Ka Par 344501Gadra RoadRajasthan
Uttarlai Mines 344035KavasRajasthan
Barmer Agore 344001BarmerRajasthan
Bhalron Ka Bada 344021SamdariRajasthan
Chadon Ki Dhani 344033SindhariRajasthan
Dhanne Ki Dhani 344033SindhariRajasthan
Kharantia Khurd 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Kharia Rathodan 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Lapundara Tarli 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Madpura Barwala 344035KavasRajasthan
Navatala Jetmal 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Nehron Ki Dhani 344033SindhariRajasthan
Pandhi Ka Niwan 344706SedwaRajasthan
Patodi Navatala 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Punion Ki Basti 344703RawatsarRajasthan
Shobhala Jetmal 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Bamnore Amarshah 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Jakhdon Ki Dhani 344708SanawaraRajasthan
Juna Mitha Kheda 344801PadruRajasthan
Junejon Ki Basti 344701ShivRajasthan
Ramjan Ki Gaffan 344702ChohtanRajasthan
Simarkhiya Khara 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Kachhabe Ki Dhani 344502RamsarRajasthan
Keshumbla Bhatian 344037Swau PadamsinghRajasthan
Navatala Bakhasar 344706SedwaRajasthan
Sarwadi Purohitan 344026KalyanpurRajasthan
Sathuni Purohitan 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Bhag Bhare Ki Beri 344704DhorimanaRajasthan
Shobhala Jetmal II 344033SindhariRajasthan
Sindhasawa Chauhan 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Sindhasawa Harniyan 344031GudamalaniRajasthan
Simarkhiya Purohitan 344032Pachpadra CityRajasthan
Dhani Jan Singh Ki Beri 344701ShivRajasthan

Companies Based at Barmer

Company Name Activity Address
BALOTRA WATER POLLUTION CONTROL TREATMENT AND REVERSE OSMOSIS PRIVATE LIMITED Electricity, Gas & Water companies Plot No. Sp 1, Iiird Phase, Riico Industrial Area Balotra Rajasthan India 344022
HIMMADA AGRI DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities Ward No. 8 Near Adv. Bhanwarl Lal Ji Kharwal House Nayapura Balotra Rajasthan India 344022
UNIQUEPRO INFRAVISION PRIVATE LIMITED Construction Shop No 1-2 , Jaswant Bhawan Rai Colony Road Barmer Rajasthan India 344001
NAGAR INTEGRATED TEXTILE PARK PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Textiles) Ward No. 8,nayapura Balotra Rajasthan India 344022
VIRATRA MATA PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities Taraniyon Ki Dhani, Dhanau, Chohtan Barmer Rajasthan India 344704
JASOL WATER POLLUTION CONTROL TREATMENT AND REVERSE OSMOSIS PRIVATE LIMITED Electricity, Gas & Water companies Gram Temawas, Tilwara Road, Jasol, Tehsil Pachpadra Jasol Rajasthan India 344024
GOVRAT PANCHGAVY UTPAD PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Others) Barmer, Sindhari Mahadev Ji Ka Mandir, Sindhari Chaseera 344033 Sindhari-barmer
VIRATRA ENGINEERING SERVICE AND TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED Construction C/o Bansidhar 803 Sundar Nagar Opp Dada Vadi Chohtan Chohttan Barmer-344702 Rajasthan
MURADS PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) C/o.umravjaan, Ward 5 Shipahiyo Ka,,wasmean Road Padru Road,siwana,barmer-344044,rajasthan
NAVHAL AND PALIWAL INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED Construction Vpo Umarlai,,teh- Pachpadra,,barmer,barmer-344027,rajasthan
APPLIQUE HANDICRAFTS PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities C/o Sh. Vikram Singh, Main Gali No. 01 Near Balika Hostel, Baldev Nagar Barmer Barmer-344001 Rajasthan
SRUDHYOG PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services C/o Praveen Kumar Jagdish Prasad Pungliya, Kher Road, Jasol Balotra Barmer-344022 Rajasthan
SHIVAKANSHI PRIVATE LIMITED Trading C/o Luna Ram Kumhar, Kumharo Ka Bas Gulab Circle, Mandapura, Pachpadra Balotra Barmer-344032 Rajasthan
BRAHMA INFRA ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED Construction Bakron Ka Bada, Near Neelam Cinema, Jodhpur Road, Balotra Jodhpur-344022 Rajasthan
WELLSEEN INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED Construction S/o Bana Ram, Chutraniyo Ki Dhani, Village Madpura, Barwala, Baytu Barmer-344035 Rajasthan
GAHLOT INNOVATIVE PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services C/o Shri Rajendra Gahlot, Ward No. 28 Near Mali Samaj Bhawan Balotra Balotra Barmer-344022 Rajasthan
JAN SUKH DIGITAL PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services H. No. 48, Opp. Thar Hospital Nh68, Sashtri Nagar, Barmer Barmer-344001 Rajasthan
BHATI INFRATECH PRIVATE LIMITED Real Estate and Renting Indra Colonybarmer Barmer Barmer-344011
SOTRI ENTERPRISES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services W/o Laxman Dasberiyon Ka Bass,barmer,barmer-344001,rajasthan
AIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 163, Indra Colony, Near Akashwani, Barmer Barmer-344001 Rajasthan
KING SURAJMAL ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Paper & Paper products, Publishing, printing Shop No.78 Ground Floor City Center Barmer Barmer-344001 Rajasthan
DEALEAT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Trading Shop No. S-08, Nilam Tower, Balotra Barmer-344022 Rajasthan
MANAYUL EXIM PRIVATE LIMITED Trading No. 4 Daga Hospital Road,balotra,barmer-344022,rj
HALLIO INTERIOR KART PrivateATE LIMITED Business Services Hallio Interior Kart Private Limitedkalyanpura,ambey Tower, Near Manak Hospital,344001 Barmer-barmer

Bank Branches in Barmer

Bank Name Branch Address
State Bank of India Indrana Main Road , Indranatehsil Siwana
Bank of Baroda Gandhi Chowk Gandhi Chowk, Barmer
Bank of India Kalinga Hotel Kalinga Hotel, Asha Purna Complex, Station Road
Indian Overseas Bank Roy Colony Road Goswami Tower, Roy Colony Road, Opp. Civil Hospital Building, Barmer, Rajasthan, Pin - 344001
Union Bank of India Barmer Laxmipura,wardno.3barmer
DCB Bank LTD Barmer Mal Godown Road, Opp. Railway Station Barmer ? Rajasthan
Axis Bank Balotra E-90a,industrial Areaphase-1,kher Rd,barmer
ICICI BANK LIMITED Barmer Icici Bank Ltd, , Next To Jeevan Jyot Hospital, Near Busstand, Nehru Nagar, Barmer, Barmer Dist., Rajasthan
Indusind Bank Barmer Ground Floor, Omega Tower, Property No 414, Roy Colony, Near Collector ?s Bunglow, Barmer-344 001, Rajasthan
HDFC Bank Barmer Ashapurna Mention,railway Station Road
Kotak Mahindra Bank Barmer Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd., ? Dev Tower?,laxmi Nagar, Main Ray Colony Road,barmer, Rajasthan.. Pin Code - 344001
IDBI Arihant Tower Alwar Arihant Tower,opp. Custom Check Post,station Road
Rajasthan Marudhar Gramin Bank Station Road Station Road Barmer
Yes Bank Rai Colony Road Ground Floor , Goswami Tower, Khasra No. 1585, Rai Colony Road, Lakshmi Nagar, Po - Barmer,344001 , Rajasthan
ICICI BANK Mandapura Gram Panchayat Bhawan Mandapura Tehsil Tehsil Pachpadra
AXIS BANK LTD. Pachpadra Ground Floor Patta No 359 Near Ram Mandir, Balotra Road, Pachpadra, Barmer
AU SMALL FINANCE BANK Meli Balotra Old Panchayatbhawan, Meli Gawn, Barmer
INDIAN OVERSEASE BANK Bawarwala Village: Bawarwala, Near Government School, Khertalai, Post Office: Bakhasar, Tehsil: Sedwa, Dist: Barmer
EQUITAS SMALL FINANCE BANK LTD. Barmer Ground Floor, Maa Santoshi Tower, Main Nh-68 Ambedkar Circle, Barmer
THE BALOTRA URBAN CO OP BANK LTD. Pachpadra City Pachpadra City, Jodhpur Road, Riddhi Siddhi Complex- Pachpadra Barmer
BANDHAN BANK LTD. Mahavir Nagar Barmer Ground Floor Plot No Ge06 Mahavir Nagar Barmer
HDFC BANK LTD. Dhorimanna Dhorimanna Ground Floor Sanchor Road

India is the largest in the world for its postal services, This system of 6 digits PIN was introduced by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India in the year 1972. It was started by then additional secretary Mr. Shriram Bikaji Velankar in the Union Communications Ministry. PIN code system plays a very important role in identifying the addresses. India has more than 2000 cities, 6 lakh villages and 1,50,000 post offices. In such a vast country, it was a major challenge to manage the postal system with accuracy & high delivery rate. Due to large numbers of localities & post offices with similar names and regions, It was getting complicated therefore the Pin code based postal system was launched to decrease the complexity of the postal system in the country.

India is a country where the language changes every 100 km and there is no specific format for address. It's not possible to know the Bengali language for a Maratha man who works at the Maharashtra post office. PIN code system assists the postal department in the process of sorting and delivering the mail to the correct address precisely. With indistinguishable names of the cities in different states and languages, without pin codes the sorting and delivering of mail, parcels & couriers, or any other postal service would have been way too difficult to deliver accurately.

Faqs for pincode Barmer

Q1: How many post offices are in Barmer district ?.

A1: There are 481 post offices in Barmer district.

Q2: How many Head Post Offices (H.O), Sub Post Offices (S.O), and Branch Offices (B.O) are in Barmer ?.

A2: There are 1 Head Post Offices (H.O), 33 Sub Post Offices (S.O) and 447 Branch Offices (B.O) in Barmer.

Q3: How to find a post office address in Barmer using ensearchopedia?.

A3: You can use our Post office search tool to check the details of any post office in Barmer.

Q3: How many Pin codes are allocated to Barmer district?.

A4: As per India Postal Department, there are 53 Pin codes allocated to Barmer.

Q5: What is Barmer's pincode?.

A5: Barmer as a district has multiple post offices and each has its pincode. Generally, it begins with 344 then followed by three digits that represent the address of the recipient's post office. For example, Shiv in Barmer has a pin code of 344701.

Q6: How do I find the PIN code of my location?.

A6: You can very conveniently find the pin code of your location on ensearchopedia. You have to select State and District from the drop-down menu of our post office search tool and it will lead you to the complete list of post offices in your city with pin codes of your region OR simply search any pincode on pincode search tool & it will redirect you to the location of that pincode.

Q7: How does a Zip code differ from a pin code?

A7: ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan code whereas Pin code is the abbreviation of Postal Index Number code. Both are used to track a specific location and the geographic area for the delivery of mail & parcels.

Introduced by the Indian Postal Department in 1972, Postal Index Number code ( PIN code ) is a 6-digit code assigned to post offices In India. On the other hand, The term Zone Improvement Plan code (zip code) is used primarily in the United States of America by USPS ( United States Postal Service ) to help them improve & deliver mail efficiently.

Country-specific postal services, both Zip & PIN codes serve the same purpose of identifying a local post office & local area for efficient mail delivery.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Ensearchopedia on Barmer pin codes is latest and updated regularly as per the data available on the official website of the India Postal Department but the users hereby are advised to verify the postal codes of Barmer information with the concerned Post Office in Barmer, Rajasthan. However, takes no responsibility and cannot be liable for any damages caused by the use of information on account of being temporarily unavailable, data not updated, incorrect data, or any other technical issues beyond our control.

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