Ambedkar Nagar Pin Code

A Postal Index Number (PIN Code) refers to a six digit code used by the Indian Postal Department. India has 9 functional postal zones that segregate the states & union territories, one functional zone is dedicated to Indian Army. In Ambedkar Nagar Pin codes ,The first digit indicates the postal region in India.The second digit and the third digit combined represent a sorting district within Ambedkar Nagar . The last three digits identifies the post office delivering mail to a locality in Ambedkar Nagar.


List of 416 post offices in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Ambedkar Nagar district in Uttar Pradesh has a network of 416 post offices, ensuring efficient mail delivery across local residential areas, private businesses, and government offices in Ambedkar Nagar.

Head post office ( H.O ) in Ambedkar Nagar

Head Office is the main post office in the district Ambedkar Nagar. Administration of all other sub & Brach post offices comes Under its responsibility & jurisdiction. Its primary role is to ensure organized & smooth postal operations in Ambedkar Nagar.

Akbarpur 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh

Sub Post Office ( S.O ) in Ambedkar Nagar

A branch under the jurisdiction of a Head Post Office, a Sub Post Office in Ambedkar Nagar caters to local services like mail distribution and customer service. In its 8 working hours , SO plays a specific role in facilitating postal services to specific regions in Ambedkar Nagar.

Maya 224161AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Barun 224127Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Bhiti 224132AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Tanda 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Deoria 224137Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Tikari 224195Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Ayodhya 224123Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Hanswar 224143AlapurUttar Pradesh
Kuchera 224158Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Malipur 224159Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Saidahi 224183Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Surapur 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bandipur 224125JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Baskhari 224129Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Jalalpur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Katehari 224151AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Khandasa 224153Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Khemapur 224157Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Mijhaura 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bariyawan 224210Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Jafarganj 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Khapradih 224205Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Kumarganj 224229Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Pahitipur 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Ram Nagar 224181AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rasulabad 224172Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Sahzadpur 224122Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Bharatkund 224202Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Dulahoopur 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Hakeem Pur 224232Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Kedarnagar 224230TandaUttar Pradesh
Dabha Samer 224133Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Iltifatganj 224145TandaUttar Pradesh
Kichhauccha 224155Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Sikandarpur 224186JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Jahangirganj 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Majurddinpur 224207Allapur Uttar Pradesh
Vidhut Nagar 224238Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Maharuwa Gola 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rajesultanpur 224176AlapurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Bhagan 224203TandaUttar Pradesh
Tanda Tehseel 224190Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
U.P.S.S. Mill 224235AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bus Station Akbarpur 224122Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh

Branch Post office (B.O) in Ambedkar Nagar

A Branch Post Office in Ambedkar Nagar works as a smaller unit. With four working hours , It runs with basic postal services and facilitates mail handling and assisting in walk-in customers. It contributes to increasing reach & accessibility in rural areas in Ambedkar Nagar.

Arai 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Bela 224231Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Kahi 224132Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Pora 224201Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Saya 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Amari 224139Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Bukia 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Garha 224129Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Katui 224186Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Madna 224171TandaUttar Pradesh
Neeba 224181Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Neori 224139Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Ratna 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Teria 224205Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Ainawa 224145TandaUttar Pradesh
Anjana 224172TandaUttar Pradesh
Asnara 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Asopur 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Atwari 224157AkbarurUttar Pradesh
Baraon 224203Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Bathua 224132AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Bewana 224122AkabarpurUttar Pradesh
Bhadar 224132AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bhidur 224155TandaUttar Pradesh
Bhujgi 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Bidhar 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Chapra 224231Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Chitoi 224145AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Dahema 224205TandaUttar Pradesh
Deohat 224210Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Gohila 224143Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Itaura 224201Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Itauri 224159Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Jainti 224147NAUttar Pradesh
Jeewat 224155TandaUttar Pradesh
Khewar 224151AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Kurcha 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Larpur 224186JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Lorpur 224235AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mathia 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Nagpur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Pethia 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Punhad 224172TandaUttar Pradesh
Samdih 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Sanaha 224182Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Semari 224168TandaUttar Pradesh
Semaur 224143TandaUttar Pradesh
Sirhir 224127TandaUttar Pradesh
Tajpur 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Tandwa 224189Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Yarkee 224151AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Achhati 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Admapur 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Alaupur 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Amartal 224186AlapurUttar Pradesh
Annapur 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Aribpur 224143AlapurUttar Pradesh
Arsawan 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Asgawan 224141AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Ashapur 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Atraura 224234Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Bangaon 224132Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Baraura 224227Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Barehta 224195AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Barepur 224186JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Begikol 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Bemaval 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Bhadohi 224159Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Bhaupur 224210Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Bhiyaon 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Chakiya 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Daudpur 224210AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Debipur 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Deogarh 224171TandaUttar Pradesh
Dhaurua 224159JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Gharwal 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Gurukul 224123Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Gyanpur 224171Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Hajpura 224186Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Janapur 224171Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Kakauli 224195Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Kartora 224146AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Kaurahi 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Keotahi 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Khajuri 224159Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Khaspur 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Kodaila 224203Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Lodipur 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mahawan 224206TandaUttar Pradesh
Mahulia 224183JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Mainpur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Majgaon 224183JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Makoiya 224129Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Makrahi 224143AlapurUttar Pradesh
Malawan 224132TandaUttar Pradesh
Mangari 224206Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Masorha 224183JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Mathani 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Musepur 224143AlapurUttar Pradesh
Naipura 224145Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Naugaon 224235Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Pausara 224234Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Raithua 224202Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Ramapur 224141Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Rambaba 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Raniwan 224141Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Sarawan 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Sheopal 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Sihipur 224205Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Sonawan 224157AkbarurUttar Pradesh
Songaon 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Surwari 224189TandaUttar Pradesh
Tighara 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Udaipur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Udharna 224205AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Umrawan 224132AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Aghiyari 224228Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Ahirauli 224157AkbarurUttar Pradesh
Ajmalpur 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Ambarpur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Arjunpur 224152Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Astikaan 224284Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Avsanpur 224145TandaUttar Pradesh
Babuapur 224161Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Baniyani 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Basohari 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bhadauli 224172Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Bharsari 224145Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Chandpur 224230TandaUttar Pradesh
Dandupur 224168Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Daridiha 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Dhenkara 224143AlapurUttar Pradesh
Dhrampur 224135Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Gangauli 224172Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Gomunpur 224186Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Hajlapur 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Indaipur 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Karampur 224151AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Khajawan 224151AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Kumbhiya 224172TandaUttar Pradesh
Lohjhara 224152Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Madarmau 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Madhupur 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Manikpur 224143Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Mansapur 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Marahara 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mundehra 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Nandapur 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Nariyawa 224147Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Nasirpur 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Nikaspur 224137Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Parsawan 224203TandaUttar Pradesh
Pindoria 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Rudaupur 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Sabukpur 224143AlapurUttar Pradesh
Saidapur 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Sarjupur 224183JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Shadipur 224230TandaUttar Pradesh
Sheotara 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Sihoriya 224172TandaUttar Pradesh
Sijhauli 224235Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Singhora 224208TandaUttar Pradesh
Sonbarsa 224208TandaUttar Pradesh
Sulhepur 224203Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Sulhepur 224209TandaUttar Pradesh
Yadavpur 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Bakarganj 224161Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Balrampur 224161Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Bankegaon 224201AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Basantpur 224234Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Bhaukuwan 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Chanaipur 224168Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Chhajapur 224190Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Dalpatpur 224161Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Husainpur 224146AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Jaitoopur 224231Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Jamunipur 224230TandaUttar Pradesh
Janabazar 224205Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Kalyanpur 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Kannoopur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Karnaipur 224132AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Khalispur 224159Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Kharuwaon 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Lakhandih 224181Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Lakhanpur 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Lakhmipur 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Lalmanpur 224176Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Madainiya 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Mahmedpur 224121TandaUttar Pradesh
Majhgawan 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Mumrejpur 224227Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Mundiyari 224176Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Narharpur 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Pachiyana 224205TandaUttar Pradesh
Pariyawan 224132Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Persanpur 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Pyare Pur 224151AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rohiyawan 224234TandaUttar Pradesh
Shikrohar 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Srai Rasi 224171Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Surhurpur 224159JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Teliagarh 224141Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Alauddinur 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Bahorikpur 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Banghusara 224205Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Bela Parsa 224129Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Bhari Diha 224151Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Bhupatipur 224122AkabarpurUttar Pradesh
Chiotipara 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Daulatabad 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Dharamganj 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Ghuritikar 224195Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Haiderganj 224205TandaUttar Pradesh
Haridaspur 224143AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Hariharpur 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Hath Pakar 224157AkbarurUttar Pradesh
Jagdishpur 224122AkabarpurUttar Pradesh
Jagdishpur 224172AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Jamaloopur 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Jamu Kalan 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kakardilla 224146Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Khukhutara 224145Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Madarbhari 224132AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Mubarakpur 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Mujahidpur 224129AlapurUttar Pradesh
Mustafabad 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Sulhantara 224186JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Sultangarh 224186Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Sutharpara 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Swarg Dwar 224123Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Tanda City 224190Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Tara Khurd 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Upadhyapur 224164Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Bandan Deeh 224168Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Belarambagh 224205Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Bhikharipur 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Chahoraghat 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Deeh Bhilon 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Jaishingmau 224195TandaUttar Pradesh
Jyoti Sadan 224133Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Katgharmusa 224186Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Kurki Bazar 224210Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Lakhnipatti 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Maharajganj 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mubarakganj 224189Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Paras Katui 224155Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Pirthivipur 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Purebadalhi 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rakba Amola 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Sarai Sagar 224161Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Setha Kalan 224159Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Subhakarpur 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Sukul Bazar 224129Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Umari Jalal 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Bairi Buzurg 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Bangaondihwa 224122AkabarpurUttar Pradesh
Chak Bhadaya 224176Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Dillisaraiya 224189TandaUttar Pradesh
Hiri Pakaria 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kadipur Khas 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kailkeshopur 224202TandaUttar Pradesh
Kandai Kalan 224189TandaUttar Pradesh
Kar Misripur 224159JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Machhiligaon 224186JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Makhdumsarai 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Paliachalpur 224195Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Parwar Bhari 224132AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Rajepur Kopa 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Ramdas Patti 224157AkbarurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Kalan 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Sherawa Ghat 224234Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Tandwa Jalal 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Zainuddinpur 224143Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Amadarveshpur 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Bishambharpur 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Chandrikaganj 224141Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Kalhuwa Kaura 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kela Lal Khan 224132AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Koro Raghopur 224206TandaUttar Pradesh
Noorpur Kalan 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Rukunuddinpur 224186Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Taarun Blgara 224203TandaUttar Pradesh
Tandwa Maulai 224155Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Tendwai Kalan 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Adampur Tiloni 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bankata Bujurg 224176Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Faridpur Kalan 224145TandaUttar Pradesh
Kawahianjanpur 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Khamariyanghat 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Kudia Chitauna 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Makhdoom Nagar 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Nuawan Baidara 224206TandaUttar Pradesh
Paekauli Bazar 224149Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Parsawan Khurd 224164TandaUttar Pradesh
Paruiya Ashram 224159Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Rajapur Sraiya 224141Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Samar Singhpur 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Seehmaikarirat 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Sehra Jalalpur 224231Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Semra Nasirpur 224143Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Sonaura Gaupur 224195TandaUttar Pradesh
Tikoria Buzurg 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Ashrafpur Barwa 224151AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Brahimpur Kusma 224190TandaUttar Pradesh
Chandipur Khurd 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Dhiwa Daulatpur 224230TandaUttar Pradesh
J.K.I.C. Arwat 224161Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Kalepur Mahuwal 224159JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Manauri Samaisa 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Marthua Saraiya 224151Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Mubarakpurpikar 224176Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Naurahni Rampur 224143TandaUttar Pradesh
Ram Nagar Karri 224231Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Rambag Baragaon 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Jaisingh 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Rampatti 224210Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Rampursakarwari 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Saidpur Bhitari 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Tendwa Paharpur 224210Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Tewaripur Sabna 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Ahirauli Ranimau 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Aribpur Ramnagar 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Baramadpur Lohra 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bijli Tihayatpur 224176TandaUttar Pradesh
Dargah Rasoolpur 224155Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Husainpur Girant 224190Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Kotwa Mohamadpur 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Ramnagar Chaukia 224206Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Saidpur Lurvadih 224143Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Shahpur Bangawan 224181AlapurUttar Pradesh
Shajana Hamjapur 224181Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Tandwa Bharatpur 224176Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Ajmeri Badshahpur 224190Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Akhtara Narainpur 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Bhaironpur Tikari 224206Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Belabagh 224157AkbarurUttar Pradesh
Gaura Mohammadpur 224155Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Husainpur Sudnaha 224190Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Ismailpur Tahepur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Jogipur Dhanikpur 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Katariya Yaqubpur 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Khamipurnidhiywan 224195TandaUttar Pradesh
Lawaiya Pratappur 224183JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Mathura Rasoolpur 224139JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Meerpur Sheikhpur 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Narwa Pitambarpur 224147AlapurUttar Pradesh
Netwari Chaturpur 224203TandaUttar Pradesh
Pakhanpurbichaila 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rasoolpur Mundera 224143AlapurUttar Pradesh
Rukunpur Kasimpur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Sirsiya Jamunipur 224176Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Balaiya Jagdishpur 224190Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Baragaon Brahimpur 224230TandaUttar Pradesh
Baragaon Sheikhpur 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Bsaiya Ganga Sagar 224181Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Jaitpur Nidhiyawan 224141AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Nathu Pur Laudhana 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Mungradilla 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Sultanpur Kabirpur 224129Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Tarauli Mubarakpur 224143Allapur **Uttar Pradesh
Baramadpur Jariyari 224168Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Hisamuddinpur Pipra 224181TandaUttar Pradesh
Makhdoom Baramadpur 224159Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Pratappur Chamurkha 224151AkberpurUttar Pradesh
Sikraura Kanchanpur 224137AlapurUttar Pradesh
Ashrafpur Majhagawan 224149JalalpurUttar Pradesh
Mubarakpur Daiyadeeh 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Ahirauli Govind Sahab 224139Jalalpur Uttar Pradesh
Gayaspur Samsuddinpur 224155TandaUttar Pradesh

Companies Based at Ambedkar Nagar

Company Name Activity Address
TOSS SALES AND MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 1396 A Manjha Barchta Faizabad Uttar Pradesh India 224123
MISSION DREAM HEALTH AND DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED Real Estate and Renting Tikoniya Mandir Jaisinghpur Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh India 224123
CB SNACKS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Food stuffs) 193,malavan,bikapur Faizabad Uttar Pradesh India 224205
AMBEDKAR NAGAR AGRO KRISHI VIKAS PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities Gram Ahirauli Post Ashapur Teshil Jalalpur Distt Ambedkar Nagar Ambedkar Nagar Uttar Pradesh India 224125
JAISWADESHI MEGAMART PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Mansoorpur, Bhadoi (malipur) Jalalpur Ambedkar Nagar Uttar Pradesh India 224159
SHRISHAKUNTALAM REAL ESTATE & DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED Real Estate and Renting 61 Samaspur Paramanandpur Ambedkar Nagar Uttar Pradesh India 224122
GOMTI INFRABUILD PRIVATE LIMITED Real Estate and Renting Hotel Gomti Palace Railway Crossing Moradabad Akbarpur Uttar Pradesh India 224122
JANANI INFRATECH PRIVATE LIMITED Real Estate and Renting 41, Jiyanpur, Ayodhya Faizabad Uttar Pradesh India 224123
VPAM CHEMICALS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) 28 Vill - Samhariya Post - Asopur Ambedkar Nagar Ambedkar Nagar-224190 Uttar Pradesh
RAYRAY DAILY COMMODITY PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services C/o Sharda Devi, 109 Vill. Ismailpur Beldaha, Post - Devipur Tanda Ambedkar Nagar-224190 Uttar Pradesh
SANTPRASAD BHOLANATH JEWELLERS PRIVATE Business Services 189 Chauk, Shahazadpur, Akbarpur Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar-224122 Uttar Pradesh
AMARDEEP SARRAF PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services C/o Mahendra Prasad , Galla Mandi Shahazadpur, Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar Ambedkar Nagar-224122 Uttar Pradesh
MARAL MAKERS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services C/o Hari Shankar Pathak, Chhawaniya Sanghatiya, Sahzadpur, Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar Ambedkar Nagar-224122 Uttar Pradesh
SONAU JEWELS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services C/o Raj Kumar Sheo Prasad Shahzadpur Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar-224122 Uttar Pradesh
ALASKA NIDHI LIMITED Finance Vill - Kudha Keshavpur,post - Darshan Nagar,ayodhya,faizabad-224135,uttar Pradesh
DIGIQAL TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 261, Kartora, Akbarpur,,ambedkar Nagar,east Up,ambedkar Nagar-224146,uttar Pradesh
CALIFO PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 3/1121, Ambedkar Puram,awas Vikas-3, Kalyanpur,kanpur,kanpur-224147,uttar Pradesh
RAHI MUTUAL BENEFIT NIDHI LIMITED Finance Satnapur Bazaar,amaniganj,,ayodhya,faizabad-224121,uttar Pradesh
MAEET SSG MANUFACTURERS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services H No 174, Pure Deeh, Paliya Mu Kuchera,milkipur,,faizabad,faizabad-224158,uttar Pradesh
MODERNTECH INFRA SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED Real Estate and Renting C/o- Neelam Singh, Mohbara Bypass Ranopali, Darshan Nagar Ayodhya Faizabad-224123 Uttar Pradesh
GREATUS LIFE MUTUAL BENEFIT NIDHI LIMITED Finance 1/10b, Parikrma Marg Ranopali, Ayodhya Faizabad Faizabad-224123 Uttar Pradesh
LKM HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Nilam Tiwari, Indraloc Colony Sahzadpur Sahzadpur, Ambedkarnagar Akbarpur Ambedkarnagar Ambedkar Nagar-224122
ANTIC BUSINESS CONCEPT PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Darshan Nagar Road , Dabhasemar , Malikpur Faizabad Faizabad-224133
RKSK HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) C/o Ram Kewal Verma, Ravi Bahauddinpur Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar Ambedkar Nagar-224122 Uttar Pradesh

Bank Branches in Ambedkar Nagar

Bank Name Branch Address
INDIAN BANK Shahzadpur Vill. P.o. Shahzadpur, Dist. Ambedkar Nagar-234202, Up
UCO BANK Ambedkar Nagar House No.292abdullapur
E-Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank Nariyaon Po.nariaon, Dist.ambedkarnagar
BANK OF MAHARASHTRA Jalalpur Malipur Road,plot No 399 M & 400 M
FINCARE SMALL FINANCE BANK LTD. Akbarpur Fincare Small Finance Bank, Frist Floor, Ward No- 6, Miranpur Faizabad Road, Near Amar Ujala Office, Akbarpur,ambedkar Nagar, Up-224122
ESAF SMALL FINANCE BANK LTD. Ambedkar Nagar No-197, Pathan Complex, Gandhi Nagar, Opp. Block Office, Ambedkar Nagar Po, Uttar Pradesh - 224122
BANDHAN BANK LTD. Akbarpur Upper Ground Floor, 11, Mubarakpur Marella, Mubarakpur, Dist - Ambedkarnagar
STATE BANK OF INDIA Mini Racpc Ambedkar Nagar Tanda Road, Ambedkar Nagar Up 224122
SURYODAY SMALL FINANCE BANK LTD. Akbarpur Bairampur Barawa, Akbarpur Ayodhya Road, Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar, Up - 224122

India is the largest in the world for its postal services, This system of 6 digits PIN was introduced by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India in the year 1972. It was started by then additional secretary Mr. Shriram Bikaji Velankar in the Union Communications Ministry. PIN code system plays a very important role in identifying the addresses. India has more than 2000 cities, 6 lakh villages and 1,50,000 post offices. In such a vast country, it was a major challenge to manage the postal system with accuracy & high delivery rate. Due to large numbers of localities & post offices with similar names and regions, It was getting complicated therefore the Pin code based postal system was launched to decrease the complexity of the postal system in the country.

India is a country where the language changes every 100 km and there is no specific format for address. It's not possible to know the Bengali language for a Maratha man who works at the Maharashtra post office. PIN code system assists the postal department in the process of sorting and delivering the mail to the correct address precisely. With indistinguishable names of the cities in different states and languages, without pin codes the sorting and delivering of mail, parcels & couriers, or any other postal service would have been way too difficult to deliver accurately.

Faqs for pincode Ambedkar Nagar

Q1: How many post offices are in Ambedkar Nagar district ?.

A1: There are 416 post offices in Ambedkar Nagar district.

Q2: How many Head Post Offices (H.O), Sub Post Offices (S.O), and Branch Offices (B.O) are in Ambedkar Nagar ?.

A2: There are 1 Head Post Offices (H.O), 44 Sub Post Offices (S.O) and 371 Branch Offices (B.O) in Ambedkar Nagar.

Q3: How to find a post office address in Ambedkar Nagar using ensearchopedia?.

A3: You can use our Post office search tool to check the details of any post office in Ambedkar Nagar.

Q3: How many Pin codes are allocated to Ambedkar Nagar district?.

A4: As per India Postal Department, there are 93 Pin codes allocated to Ambedkar Nagar.

Q5: What is Ambedkar Nagar's pincode?.

A5: Ambedkar Nagar as a district has multiple post offices and each has its pincode. Generally, it begins with 224 then followed by three digits that represent the address of the recipient's post office. For example, Maya in Ambedkar Nagar has a pin code of 224161.

Q6: How do I find the PIN code of my location?.

A6: You can very conveniently find the pin code of your location on ensearchopedia. You have to select State and District from the drop-down menu of our post office search tool and it will lead you to the complete list of post offices in your city with pin codes of your region OR simply search any pincode on pincode search tool & it will redirect you to the location of that pincode.

Q7: How does a Zip code differ from a pin code?

A7: ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan code whereas Pin code is the abbreviation of Postal Index Number code. Both are used to track a specific location and the geographic area for the delivery of mail & parcels.

Introduced by the Indian Postal Department in 1972, Postal Index Number code ( PIN code ) is a 6-digit code assigned to post offices In India. On the other hand, The term Zone Improvement Plan code (zip code) is used primarily in the United States of America by USPS ( United States Postal Service ) to help them improve & deliver mail efficiently.

Country-specific postal services, both Zip & PIN codes serve the same purpose of identifying a local post office & local area for efficient mail delivery.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Ensearchopedia on Ambedkar Nagar pin codes is latest and updated regularly as per the data available on the official website of the India Postal Department but the users hereby are advised to verify the postal codes of Ambedkar Nagar information with the concerned Post Office in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. However, takes no responsibility and cannot be liable for any damages caused by the use of information on account of being temporarily unavailable, data not updated, incorrect data, or any other technical issues beyond our control.

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