Ananthnag Pin Code

A Postal Index Number (PIN Code) refers to a six digit code used by the Indian Postal Department. India has 9 functional postal zones that segregate the states & union territories, one functional zone is dedicated to Indian Army. In Ananthnag Pin codes ,The first digit indicates the postal region in India.The second digit and the third digit combined represent a sorting district within Ananthnag . The last three digits identifies the post office delivering mail to a locality in Ananthnag.


List of 187 post offices in Ananthnag, Jammu And Kashmir

Ananthnag district in Jammu And Kashmir has a network of 187 post offices, ensuring efficient mail delivery across local residential areas, private businesses, and government offices in Ananthnag.

Head post office ( H.O ) in Ananthnag

Head Office is the main post office in the district Ananthnag. Administration of all other sub & Brach post offices comes Under its responsibility & jurisdiction. Its primary role is to ensure organized & smooth postal operations in Ananthnag.

Anantnag 192101Anantnag HoJammu and Kashmir

Sub Post Office ( S.O ) in Ananthnag

A branch under the jurisdiction of a Head Post Office, a Sub Post Office in Ananthnag caters to local services like mail distribution and customer service. In its 8 working hours , SO plays a specific role in facilitating postal services to specific regions in Ananthnag.

Achan 192305AchanJammu and Kashmir
Dooru 192211DooruJammu and Kashmir
Sarnal 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Achabal 192201AchabalJammu and Kashmir
Dialgam 192210DialgamJammu and Kashmir
Martand 192125MartandJammu and Kashmir
Phalgam 192126PahalgamJammu and Kashmir
D.H Pora 193303D.h PoraJammu and Kashmir
Khanabal 192101KhanabalJammu and Kashmir
Kokarnag 192202KokernagJammu and Kashmir
Qazigund 192221QazigundJammu and Kashmir
Verinaag 192212VerinaagJammu and Kashmir
Yaripora 192232YariporaJammu and Kashmir
Bijbehara 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Srigufwaea 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Anantnag City 192122NAJammu and Kashmir
Janglath Mandi 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Seer Kanil Gund 192129AnanthnagJammu and Kashmir
Sheshanag (Sessional) 192230NAJammu and Kashmir
Chanderwadi (Sessional) 192230NAJammu and Kashmir

Branch Post office (B.O) in Ananthnag

A Branch Post Office in Ananthnag works as a smaller unit. With four working hours , It runs with basic postal services and facilitates mail handling and assisting in walk-in customers. It contributes to increasing reach & accessibility in rural areas in Ananthnag.

Brah 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Akhal 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Akura 192125AnantnagJammu and Kashmir
Arrah 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Bugam 192232BugamJammu and Kashmir
Hugam 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Khull 193303KhullJammu and Kashmir
Naina 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Nanil 192125NanilJammu and Kashmir
Nissu 192221NissuJammu and Kashmir
Opzen 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Sopat 192221QazigundJammu and Kashmir
Sugan 192305PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Veeri 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Vessu 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Vokey 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Wachi 192305PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Arwani 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Barsoo 192122BarsooJammu and Kashmir
Buchoo 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Chimar 193303ChimarJammu and Kashmir
Daksum 192202AnantnagJammu and Kashmir
Devsar 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Frisal 192232FrisalJammu and Kashmir
Gairoo 192122PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Guddar 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Kapran 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Kaprin 192212KaprinJammu and Kashmir
Khanda 192121PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Kharam 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Kullar 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Larnoo 192202LarnooJammu and Kashmir
Litter 192305PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Ludhoo 191103PamporeJammu and Kashmir
Malwan 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Mohind 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Nehama 192121PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Nehama 193303NehamaJammu and Kashmir
Nellow 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Nowbug 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Nowgam 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Nowgam 192212NowgamJammu and Kashmir
Qanmar 192212QanmarJammu and Kashmir
Quimoh 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Sallar 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Sangam 192202KukarnagJammu and Kashmir
Shurat 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Vanpoh 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Vesshu 192221QazigundJammu and Kashmir
Aharbal 193303AharbalJammu and Kashmir
Akingam 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Ashmuji 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Awenura 192232AwenuraJammu and Kashmir
Buchroo 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Bumthan 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Bumthan 192221QazigundJammu and Kashmir
Chadder 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Chakura 192305PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Chowgam 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Chowgam 192221QazigundJammu and Kashmir
Dalseer 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Dhawtoo 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
H.C.Gam 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Kathsoo 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Konibal 192121PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Kragsoo 192125KragsooJammu and Kashmir
M/gufan 192232M/gufanJammu and Kashmir
Manjmoh 192221ManjmohJammu and Kashmir
Manzgam 193303ManzgamJammu and Kashmir
Marhama 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Mirhama 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Monghal 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Monghal 192221QazigundJammu and Kashmir
Nasnoor 193303NasnoorJammu and Kashmir
Noonmai 192232NoonmaiJammu and Kashmir
Nowpora 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Pahaloo 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Panzeth 192221PanzethJammu and Kashmir
Panzgam 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Pariwan 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Qaimouh 192124BijbeharaJammu and Kashmir
Sambura 192121PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Shalgam 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Shangas 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Sirhama 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Tarigam 192232TarigamJammu and Kashmir
Telwani 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Utersoo 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Vanpouh 192124BijbeharaJammu and Kashmir
Waghama 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Wangund 192221WangundJammu and Kashmir
Wasoora 192305PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Zantrag 191103PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Beerwara 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Behibagh 192232BehibaghJammu and Kashmir
Bonagand 192212BonagandJammu and Kashmir
Cheersoo 192122PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
D.K Marg 193303D.k MargJammu and Kashmir
Danipora 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Gadipora 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Halsidar 192212HalsidarJammu and Kashmir
Hardtour 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Honipora 192121PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Hutmarah 192125HutmarahJammu and Kashmir
Kanilwan 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Kanipora 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Katrasoo 192232KatrasooJammu and Kashmir
Laripora 192126NAJammu and Kashmir
Lathpora 192122PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Mandhole 192221QazigundJammu and Kashmir
Mnadhole 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Nandigam 193303NAJammu and Kashmir
Narapora 192202KukarnagJammu and Kashmir
Omanagri 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Sadinare 192212SadinareJammu and Kashmir
Tulkhana 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Urranhal 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Zanipora 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Ahmedabad 193303AhmedbadJammu and Kashmir
Chambgund 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Chandhara 192122PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Chitragam 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Demidulla 192232DemidullaJammu and Kashmir
Digripora 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Fatehpora 192211NAJammu and Kashmir
Gopalpora 193303GopalporaJammu and Kashmir
Gouripora 192122PulwamaJammu and Kashmir
Kharapora 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Krandigam 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Larkipora 192211NAJammu and Kashmir
Mandakpal 191103PamporeJammu and Kashmir
Ratnipora 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Chakilpora 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Chattargui 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Gopal Pora 192125Gopal PoraJammu and Kashmir
Nandi Marg 193303Nandi MargJammu and Kashmir
Ranbirpora 192125RanbirporaJammu and Kashmir
Reban Gund 192232Reban GundJammu and Kashmir
Shamsipora 192124NAJammu and Kashmir
Soaf Shali 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Urran Hall 192124BijbeharaJammu and Kashmir
Vailobrang 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Wallarhama 192401NAJammu and Kashmir
Ahalangodol 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Gosani Gund 192211NAJammu and Kashmir
Hef Shermal 192305ShopianJammu and Kashmir
Khigogipora 192232KhigogiporaJammu and Kashmir
Muti Handoo 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Vandevalgam 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Brinal Lamar 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Kilam Bazgam 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Lower Mundah 192212Lower MundahJammu and Kashmir
Nalasundhari 192202NAJammu and Kashmir
Turka Wangam 192305ShopianJammu and Kashmir
Brinal Lammer 192221QazigundJammu and Kashmir
Bulbul Nowgam 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Dhane Bougund 192231NAJammu and Kashmir
Kriri Nowpora 192211NAJammu and Kashmir
Yarkhoshipora 192221Y.k PoraJammu and Kashmir
Dethunagnarian 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Hiller Arahama 192201NAJammu and Kashmir
Sopat Tougpora 192101NAJammu and Kashmir
Hakura Badasgam 192211NAJammu and Kashmir
Hiller Shahabad 192211NAJammu and Kashmir
Khuri Bhatapora 193303NAJammu and Kashmir
Panchtarni(Sessional) 192126NAJammu and Kashmir

Companies Based at Ananthnag

Company Name Activity Address
SFZ AGRO FARMS PRIVATE LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities 2nd Floor, Lolu Complex Near General Bus Stand Anantnag Jammu And Kashmir India 192101
MUSARO INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED Construction Chaimullah, Auqaf Market Road Qazigund Anantnag Jammu And Kashmir India 192221
SCRIPTFY TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 17 - Lolipora, Nehama Pulwama Srinagar Jammu And Kashmir India 192121
RAFIQ INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments) Lazbal Anantnag Near Gpo Anantnag K.p Road 192101 Anantnag-anantnag
LAAFUC FASHION IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 630 Kva Malaknagh Anantnag Anantnag Anantnag-192101 Jammu & Kashmir
BIRE ZUM ZUM TOUR AND TRAVELS PRIVATE Business Services C/o Daya Krishan Bhat S/o Chaman Lal Bha Bhat Complex Drangbal Pampore Pulwama Pulwama-192121 Jammu & Kashmir
KISWA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services Tulhad Aishimuqam Aishimuqam Anantnag Anantnag-192126 Jammu & Kashmir
KATOO CONSTRUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Construction Khurshid Ahmad Katoo, New Colony Harnag Anantnag Anantnag-192101 Jammu & Kashmir
SAYTECH EDUCATION NETWORK PRIVATE Community, personal & Social Services Wanpora Choimulla Qazigund, Main Market Qazigund, Anantnag Anantnag-192221 Jammu & Kashmir
MARAAZ INFOTECH (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services C/o Tufail Ahmad Khan, S/o Mohd Saleem,r/o Anchidora Anantnag, P/a Gulshan Col.,anantnag,anantnag-192101,jammu & Kashmir
CELLNET TELESERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services C/o Nazir Ahmad Tak S/o Ab Majeed Tak,check Tar-a,anantnag,anantnag-192101,jammu & Kashmir
BISMIL CONSTRUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 100 Kva Bonpora Chandhara Pampore Pampore Pulwama-192122
SWALE IT & SKILLS PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services Khasra No. 1882, Khata No. 761 Near Tantray Masjid, Bongam Shangus Anantnag Anantnag-192201
LADISHA TECHLABS PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services C/o Shah Mohammad, Sadaf Complex (263), General Bus Stand Anantnag Anantnag-192101
ASAAYISH SERVICES PRIATE LIMITED Transport, storage and Communications S.k. Colony Aanchidoora Anantnag Anantnag-192101 Jammu & Kashmir
HONEY & HUG PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Food stuffs) Near Illahadis Masjid Kamad Dialgam, Anantnag Dialgam Baramula-192210 Jammu & Kashmir
BUDSHAH PROJECTS PRIVATE LIMITED Construction Sanjay Coloney Latru Aishmuqam Seer Kanilgund Anantnag Anantnag-192129 Jammu & Kashmir
HALIFA TRADING AND SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED Trading 264, Ganie Pora, Vokey D.h.pora, Kulgam Kulgam Anantnag-192231 Jammu & Kashmir
WANIROBOTICS RESEARCH INNOVATION PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 181, Wandevalgam, Kokernag Anantnag Devalgam,partly Government Primer School Kokernag Anantnag-192202 Jammu & Kashmir
DEMALOR SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services C/o Mohammad Umar Jan, First Floor Faizan Complex, Khanabal Chowk Anantnag Anantnag-192101 Jammu & Kashmir
AL RAHEEM TOUR & TRAVEL PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services New Colonyvessu C/o-sartaj Ah Ahanjar,qazigund,anantnag-192211,jammu & Kashmir
TRIPSHOPE ONLINE (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services C/o Atif Sathoogulshanabad K.p. Road,anantnag,anantnag-192201,jammu & Kashmir
SHREE VARAPRADHA INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED Construction Dak Bangalow,,khanabal,,anantnag,anantnag-192101 Jammu & Kashmir
MADNETIX INFOSYSTEMS & SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services H No. 136 Asha Ji,pora,anantnag,anantnag-192101 Jammu & Kashmir

India is the largest in the world for its postal services, This system of 6 digits PIN was introduced by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India in the year 1972. It was started by then additional secretary Mr. Shriram Bikaji Velankar in the Union Communications Ministry. PIN code system plays a very important role in identifying the addresses. India has more than 2000 cities, 6 lakh villages and 1,50,000 post offices. In such a vast country, it was a major challenge to manage the postal system with accuracy & high delivery rate. Due to large numbers of localities & post offices with similar names and regions, It was getting complicated therefore the Pin code based postal system was launched to decrease the complexity of the postal system in the country.

India is a country where the language changes every 100 km and there is no specific format for address. It's not possible to know the Bengali language for a Maratha man who works at the Maharashtra post office. PIN code system assists the postal department in the process of sorting and delivering the mail to the correct address precisely. With indistinguishable names of the cities in different states and languages, without pin codes the sorting and delivering of mail, parcels & couriers, or any other postal service would have been way too difficult to deliver accurately.

Faqs for pincode Ananthnag

Q1: How many post offices are in Ananthnag district ?.

A1: There are 187 post offices in Ananthnag district.

Q2: How many Head Post Offices (H.O), Sub Post Offices (S.O), and Branch Offices (B.O) are in Ananthnag ?.

A2: There are 1 Head Post Offices (H.O), 20 Sub Post Offices (S.O) and 166 Branch Offices (B.O) in Ananthnag.

Q3: How to find a post office address in Ananthnag using ensearchopedia?.

A3: You can use our Post office search tool to check the details of any post office in Ananthnag.

Q3: How many Pin codes are allocated to Ananthnag district?.

A4: As per India Postal Department, there are 35 Pin codes allocated to Ananthnag.

Q5: What is Ananthnag's pincode?.

A5: Ananthnag as a district has multiple post offices and each has its pincode. Generally, it begins with 192 then followed by three digits that represent the address of the recipient's post office. For example, Achan in Ananthnag has a pin code of 192305.

Q6: How do I find the PIN code of my location?.

A6: You can very conveniently find the pin code of your location on ensearchopedia. You have to select State and District from the drop-down menu of our post office search tool and it will lead you to the complete list of post offices in your city with pin codes of your region OR simply search any pincode on pincode search tool & it will redirect you to the location of that pincode.

Q7: How does a Zip code differ from a pin code?

A7: ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan code whereas Pin code is the abbreviation of Postal Index Number code. Both are used to track a specific location and the geographic area for the delivery of mail & parcels.

Introduced by the Indian Postal Department in 1972, Postal Index Number code ( PIN code ) is a 6-digit code assigned to post offices In India. On the other hand, The term Zone Improvement Plan code (zip code) is used primarily in the United States of America by USPS ( United States Postal Service ) to help them improve & deliver mail efficiently.

Country-specific postal services, both Zip & PIN codes serve the same purpose of identifying a local post office & local area for efficient mail delivery.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Ensearchopedia on Ananthnag pin codes is latest and updated regularly as per the data available on the official website of the India Postal Department but the users hereby are advised to verify the postal codes of Ananthnag information with the concerned Post Office in Ananthnag, Jammu and Kashmir. However, takes no responsibility and cannot be liable for any damages caused by the use of information on account of being temporarily unavailable, data not updated, incorrect data, or any other technical issues beyond our control.

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