Aurangabad Pin Code

A Postal Index Number (PIN Code) refers to a six digit code used by the Indian Postal Department. India has 9 functional postal zones that segregate the states & union territories, one functional zone is dedicated to Indian Army. In Aurangabad Pin codes ,The first digit indicates the postal region in India.The second digit and the third digit combined represent a sorting district within Aurangabad . The last three digits identifies the post office delivering mail to a locality in Aurangabad.


List of 622 post offices in Aurangabad, Bihar

Aurangabad district in Bihar has a network of 622 post offices, ensuring efficient mail delivery across local residential areas, private businesses, and government offices in Aurangabad.

Head post office ( H.O ) in Aurangabad

Head Office is the main post office in the district Aurangabad. Administration of all other sub & Brach post offices comes Under its responsibility & jurisdiction. Its primary role is to ensure organized & smooth postal operations in Aurangabad.

Aurangabad (MH) 431001AurangabadMaharashtra
Aurangabad (BH) 824101AurangabadBihar

Sub Post Office ( S.O ) in Aurangabad

A branch under the jurisdiction of a Head Post Office, a Sub Post Office in Aurangabad caters to local services like mail distribution and customer service. In its 8 working hours , SO plays a specific role in facilitating postal services to specific regions in Aurangabad.

Waluj 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Banoti 431150SoegaonMaharashtra
Ellora 431102KhuldabadMaharashtra
Kannad 431103KannadMaharashtra
Pachod 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Shivar 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Shivna 431132SillodMaharashtra
Sillod 431112SillodMaharashtra
Ajantha 431117SillodMaharashtra
Andhari 431151SillodMaharashtra
Bharadi 431113SillodMaharashtra
Harsool 431008AurangabadMaharashtra
Paithan 431107PaithanMaharashtra
Parsoda 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Pishore 431104KannadMaharashtra
Soegaon 431120SoegaonMaharashtra
Badnapur 431202BadnapurMaharashtra
Garkheda 431009AurangabadMaharashtra
Phulmbri 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Vaijapur 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Begumpura 431004AurangabadMaharashtra
Bhokardan 431114BhokardanMaharashtra
Fazalpura 431001AurangabadMaharashtra
Khuldabad 431101KhuldabadMaharashtra
Nizamganj 431003AurangabadMaharashtra
Osmanpura 431005AurangabadMaharashtra
Phardapur 431118SoegaonMaharashtra
Shahaganj 431001AurangabadMaharashtra
Bidkingaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Bihamandwa 431137PaithanMaharashtra
Badod Bazar 431134AurangabadMaharashtra
Chikalthana 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Cidco Colony 431003AurangabadMaharashtra
Gangapur (Aurangabad-MH) 431109GangapurMaharashtra
Kranti Chowk 431005AurangabadMaharashtra
Samarthnagar 431001AurangabadMaharashtra
Lasur Station 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Session Court 431005AurangabadMaharashtra
Vaijapur Town 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Satara Parisar 431010AurangabadMaharashtra
Deogaon Rangari 431115KannadMaharashtra
Medical College 431001AurangabadMaharashtra
Nathnagar North 431106PaithanMaharashtra
Raghunath Nagar 431110GangapurMaharashtra
Saraswati Colony 431001AurangabadMaharashtra
Chincholi Limbaji 431147KannadMaharashtra
Shendra MIDC Area 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Aurangabad City 431001AurangabadMaharashtra
High Court Building 431005AurangabadMaharashtra
Airport, Chikalthana 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Bajaj Nagar Midc Waluj 431136GangapurMaharashtra
Sillod Sakhar Karkhana 431135SillodMaharashtra
Paithan Sakhar Karkhana 431148PaithanMaharashtra
Aurangabad Cantonment 431002AurangabadMaharashtra
Chikalthana Industrial Area 431006AurangabadMaharashtra
Aurangabad Railway Station 431005AurangabadMaharashtra
Dr. B.A. Marathwada University 431004AurangabadMaharashtra
Deo 824202DeoBihar
Goh 824203GohBihar
War 824103MadanpurBihar
Amba 824111AmbaBihar
Anti 824116RafiganjBihar
Kaler 824127KalerBihar
Jakhim 824122RafigangBihar
Jamhor 824121AurangabadBihar
Ketaki 824216DeoBihar
Sihari 824115HaspuraBihar
Deohara 824114GohBihar
Haspura 824120HaspuraBihar
Kutumba 824123KutumbaBihar
Rafiganj 824125RafiganjBihar
Bhakharua 824113DaunagarBihar
Daudnagar 824143DaudnagarBihar
Nabinagar 824301NabinagarBihar
S. S. College 824102AurangabadBihar
Nabinagar Road 824303NabinagarBihar
Rukundi Jhikatia 824129GohBihar
Aurangabad Kutchehry 824101AurangabadBihar
Obra (Aurangabad(BH))824124ObraBihar
Barun (Aurangabad(BH))824112BarunBihar
Tandwa (Aurangabad(BH))824302NabinagarBihar
Madanpur (Aurangabad(BH))824208MadanpurBihar

Branch Post office (B.O) in Aurangabad

A Branch Post Office in Aurangabad works as a smaller unit. With four working hours , It runs with basic postal services and facilitates mail handling and assisting in walk-in customers. It contributes to increasing reach & accessibility in rural areas in Aurangabad.

Eta 431103KannadMaharashtra
Pal 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Anwa 431112SillodMaharashtra
Anwi 431112SillodMaharashtra
Rail 431103KannadMaharashtra
Aland 431134PhulumbriMaharashtra
Babra 431151PhulumbriMaharashtra
Bilda 431008PhulumbriMaharashtra
Garaj 431115VaijapurMaharashtra
Halda 431112SillodMaharashtra
Hasta 431104KannadMaharashtra
Hatti 431112SillodMaharashtra
Jehur 431103KannadMaharashtra
Kolhi 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Madni 431132SillodMaharashtra
Manur 431115VaijapurMaharashtra
Nagad 431103KannadMaharashtra
Palod 431112SillodMaharashtra
Talni 431113SillodMaharashtra
Tidka 431150SoegaonMaharashtra
Tunki 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Upali 431135SillodMaharashtra
Wakla 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Wakod 431147KannadMaharashtra
Adgaon 431104KannadMaharashtra
Ambhai 431112SillodMaharashtra
Aurala 431103KannadMaharashtra
Basadi 431104KannadMaharashtra
Bhagur 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Biloni 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Bodkha 431111KhuldabadMaharashtra
Chouka 431008AurangabadMaharashtra
Dudhad 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Ektuni 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Gadana 431101KhuldabadMaharashtra
Ganori 431008PhulumbriMaharashtra
Harshi 431107PaithanMaharashtra
Jamthi 431118SoegaonMaharashtra
Karkin 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Karmad 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Kasoda 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Katpur 431148PaithanMaharashtra
Khirdi 431101KhuldabadMaharashtra
Mahora 431104KannadMaharashtra
Manjri 431109GangapurMaharashtra
Nander 431107PaithanMaharashtra
Nandra 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Nevpur 431147KannadMaharashtra
Nillod 431135SillodMaharashtra
Padali 431111PhulambriMaharashtra
Palshi 431135SillodMaharashtra
Paradh 431114BhokardanMaharashtra
Parala 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Pathri 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Pimpri 431102KhuldabadMaharashtra
Sarola 431104KannadMaharashtra
Satara 431002AurangabadMaharashtra
Shekta 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Shekta 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Sheoga 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Shevta 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Singhi 431109GangapurMaharashtra
Wadali 431103KannadMaharashtra
Wadner 431103KannadMaharashtra
Amthana 431113SillodMaharashtra
Apegaon 431107PaithanMaharashtra
Balapur 431117SillodMaharashtra
Charner 431113SillodMaharashtra
Devlana 431102KannadMaharashtra
Dongaon 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Gajgaon 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Gevarai 431002AurangabadMaharashtra
Ghardon 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Hatnoor 431103KannadMaharashtra
Hingoni 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Jalgaon 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Jalgaon 431112SillodMaharashtra
Jarandi 431120SoegaonMaharashtra
Jatwada 431008AurangabadMaharashtra
Jikthan 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Kachner 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Kaigaon 431110GangapurMaharashtra
Kaigaon 431135SillodMaharashtra
Kanhori 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Kankori 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Kelgaon 431112SillodMaharashtra
Kerhala 431135SillodMaharashtra
Kingaon 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Kolwadi 431103KannadMaharashtra
Ladgaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Lakhani 431115VaijapurMaharashtra
Lohgaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Loni KH 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Lonwadi 431151SillodMaharashtra
Malunja 431109GangapurMaharashtra
Mangrul 431112SillodMaharashtra
Nagapur 431147KannadMaharashtra
Navgaon 431137PaithanMaharashtra
Nidhona 431151PhulumbriMaharashtra
Parundi 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Pokhari 431115VaijapurMaharashtra
Porgaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Relgaon 431113SillodMaharashtra
Shirodi 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Shivrai 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Talwada 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Tisgaon 431102KhuldabadMaharashtra
Wadwali 431107PaithanMaharashtra
Wakulni 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Warzadi 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Yesgaon 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Yesgaon 431101KhuldabadMaharashtra
Andhaner 431103KannadMaharashtra
Assegaon 431002AurangabadMaharashtra
Balegaon 431116ValijapurMaharashtra
Bhaggaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Bhalgaon 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Bharamba 431104KannadMaharashtra
Bhendala 431110GangapurMaharashtra
Bhivgaon 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Bramhani 431103KannadMaharashtra
Chandgon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Chapaner 431103KannadMaharashtra
Dahegaon 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Dahegaon 431147KannadMaharashtra
Dhkephal 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Golegaon 431101KhuldabadMaharashtra
Golegaon 431112SillodMaharashtra
Hasnabad 431114SillodMaharashtra
Jaitapur 431103KannadMaharashtra
Janephal 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Jategaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Jategaon 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Kadethan 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Kalimath 431103KannadMaharashtra
Khadgaon 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Khamgaon 431151PhulumbriMaharashtra
Khandala 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Maliwada 431002AurangabadMaharashtra
Modha BK 431112SillodMaharashtra
Mundwadi 431103KannadMaharashtra
Nalegaon 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Naregaon 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Nimbhora 431104KannadMaharashtra
Padegaon 431002AurangabadMaharashtra
Palkheda 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Pendapur 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Rahegaon 423702VaijapurMaharashtra
Saigavan 431103KannadMaharashtra
Sawkheda 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Solegaon 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Thergaon 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Turkabad 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Veergaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Wahegaon 431109GangapurMaharashtra
Wahegaon 431148PaithanMaharashtra
Wanegaon 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Waregaon 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Warkheda 431109GangapurMaharashtra
Warud KH 431135SillodMaharashtra
Adgaon BK 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Amba (Upla) 431103KannadMaharashtra
Ambelohal 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Badod Pan 431112SillodMaharashtra
Bahirgaon 431103KannadMaharashtra
Balanagar 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Bodhegaon 431151PhulumbriMaharashtra
Borsar BK 431102KhuldabadMaharashtra
Chitegaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Dawarwadi 431107PaithanMaharashtra
Debhegaon 431102KannadMaharashtra
Dhupkheda 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Ghanegaon 431136GangapurMaharashtra
Ghodegaon 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Golatgaon 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Gondegaon 431150SoegaonMaharashtra
Hiradpuri 431137PaithanMaharashtra
Issarwadi 431148PaithanMaharashtra
Jaitkheda 431103KannadMaharashtra
Khodegaon 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Lakhegaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Lamangaon 431115KannadMaharashtra
Lasurgaon 423702VaijapurMaharashtra
Mahalgaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Marsawali 431134PhulumbriMaharashtra
Nachanwel 431104KannadMaharashtra
Nagamthan 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Naigavhan 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Nevargaon 431110GangapurMaharashtra
Nilajgaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Palaswadi 431102KhuldabadMaharashtra
Palshi BK 431104KannadMaharashtra
Rahatgaon 431107PaithanMaharashtra
Rahemabad 431112SillodMaharashtra
Sillegaon 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Sirasgaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Sultanpur 431101KhuldabadMaharashtra
Talpimpri 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Tapargaon 431103KannadMaharashtra
Umarkheda 431147KannadMaharashtra
Undangaon 431112SillodMaharashtra
Waladgaon 431136AurangabadMaharashtra
Warudkazi 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Bahulkheda 431120SillodMaharashtra
Bankinhola 431135SillodMaharashtra
Banshendra 431103KannadMaharashtra
Bhakarwadi 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Chikatgaon 431116VaijapurMaharashtra
Daulatabad 431002AurangabadMaharashtra
Dhamangaon 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Gevarai BK 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Kagazipura 431101KhuldabadMaharashtra
Karanjgaon 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Ladsawangi 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Liha Khedi 431112SillodMaharashtra
Palaskheda 431118SoegaonMaharashtra
Parsoda Sk 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Pir Bawada 431134PhulumbriMaharashtra
Savandgaon 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Tembhapuri 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Wanjargaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Adul Budruk 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Agarwadgaon 431110GangapurMaharashtra
Borgaon Arj 431134PhulumbriMaharashtra
Changatpuri 431107PaithanMaharashtra
Chikhalthan 431103KannadMaharashtra
Dhondalgaon 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Dhorkingaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Gavli Tanda 431135SillodMaharashtra
Ghatnanadra 431113SillodMaharashtra
Jambhargaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Karanjkheda 431147KannadMaharashtra
Khumbhephal 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Narayangaon 431148PaithanMaharashtra
Pimparkheda 431104KannadMaharashtra
Pimpri Raja 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Sawaladbara 431118SoegaonMaharashtra
Shendurwada 431133GangapurMaharashtra
Tanda Bazar 431135SillodMaharashtra
Wangi Khurd 431113SillodMaharashtra
Adgaon Sarak 431008AurangabadMaharashtra
Borsar(Bhingi) 423703VaijapurMaharashtra
Chinchadgaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Ellora Caves 431102KhuldabadMaharashtra
Gadhejalgaon 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Georai Kuber 431154AurangabadMaharashtra
Gevrai Shami 431135SillodMaharashtra
Ghat Shendra 431147KannadMaharashtra
Mali Wadgaon 431115GangapurMaharashtra
Nakshtrawadi 431002AurangabadMaharashtra
Takali Ambad 431137PaithanMaharashtra
Takali Kadim 431002GangapurMaharashtra
Ajantha Caves 431118SillodMaharashtra
Akoli Wadgaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Bokud Jalgaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Borgaon Bazar 431113SillodMaharashtra
Galle Borgaon 431102KhuldabadMaharashtra
Gawali Shivra 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Hanumantkheda 431150SoegaonMaharashtra
Mehaboobkheda 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Palshi (Shahar) 431008AurangabadMaharashtra
Ranjagaon Pol 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Rotegaon R.S423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Sawangi Bazar 431111KhuldabadMaharashtra
Tadpimpalgaon 431115KannadMaharashtra
Wadgaon Tigji 431150SoegaonMaharashtra
Borgaon Kasari 431135SillodMaharashtra
Chorwaghalgaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Deulgaon Bazar 431113SillodMaharashtra
Jamdi Jahangir 431147KannadMaharashtra
Katepimpalgaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Maleghogargaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Mulani Wadgaon 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Ranjangaon Pan 431105PaithanMaharashtra
Gadhepimpalgaon 423701VaijapurMaharashtra
Takali Raje Rai 431101KhuldabadMaharashtra
Antarwali Khandi 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Chittepimpalgaon 431007AurangabadMaharashtra
Gharegaon Ektuni 431121PaithanMaharashtra
Tuljapur Sawangi 431008AurangabadMaharashtra
Sidhanath Wadgaon 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Babhulgaon (Pirachi) 431115VaijapurMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Diwashi 423702GangapurMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon Gangdev 431111PhulumbriMaharashtra
Pimpalwadi (Pirachi) 431148PaithanMaharashtra
Kalandrabad (Kasabkheda) 431102KhuldabadMaharashtra
Bel 824124ObraBihar
Arai 824143DaudnagarBihar
Bara 824301SherghatiBihar
Beri 824208MadanpurBihar
Erki 824202DeoBihar
Fagu 824203GohBihar
Kara 824124ObraBihar
Kona 824103MadanpurBihar
Naur 824303NabinagarBihar
Sori 824102AurangabadBihar
Tara 824113DaudnagarBihar
Umga 824208MadanpurBihar
Amari 824203GohBihar
Amona 824143DaudnagarBihar
Apiru 824120HaspuraBihar
Balia 824111AmbaBihar
Banua 824202DeoBihar
Barem 824303NabinagarBihar
Barpa 824114GohBihar
Buxar 824129GohBihar
Chein 824103MadanpurBihar
Dadar 824129GohBihar
Darha 824203GohBihar
Dosma 824122RafiganjBihar
Dugul 824125RafiganjBihar
Dumra 824111AmbaBihar
Dumra 824120HaspuraBihar
Gaini 824113DaudnagarBihar
Gardi 824103MadanpurBihar
Ithat 824102AurangabadBihar
Jhari 824219MadanpurBihar
Jogia 824102AurangabadBihar
Kandi 824301SherghatiBihar
Kerap 824125RafiganjBihar
Kunda 824102AurangabadBihar
Latta 824122RafiganjBihar
Lukka 824122RafiganjBihar
Mahsu 824111AmbaBihar
Matpa 824111AmbaBihar
Panti 824125RafiganjBihar
Parta 824111AmbaBihar
Pogar 824125RafiganjBihar
Rajoi 824103MadanpurBihar
Sansa 824143DaudnagarBihar
Sartu 824302NabinagarBihar
Silar 824102AurangabadBihar
Silar 824202DeoBihar
Simla 824125RafiganjBihar
Siris 824112BarunBihar
Tarar 824143DaudnagarBihar
Teyap 824203GohBihar
Turta 824123KutumbaBihar
Agnoor 824143DaudnagarBihar
Akoona 824203GohBihar
Akouni 824113DaudnagarBihar
Anchha 824143DaudnagarBihar
Ankuri 824203GohBihar
Aranda 824113DaudnagarBihar
Ararua 824202DeoBihar
Arthua 824125RafiganjBihar
Bairia 824303NabinagarBihar
Barahi 824122RafiganjBihar
Belain 824301SherghatiBihar
Belaon 824127KalerBihar
Belsar 824127KalerBihar
Bharub 824124ObraBihar
Budhia 824203GohBihar
Chanda 824113DaudnagarBihar
Charam 824112BarunBihar
Chauri 824127KalerBihar
Darwan 824203GohBihar
Dhamni 824115HaspuraBihar
Dhibra 824202DeoBihar
Dihara 824124BarunBihar
Dindil 824120HaspuraBihar
Dumari 824202DeoBihar
Entwan 824120HaspuraBihar
Entwan 824301SherghatiBihar
Fesher 824121JamhorBihar
Gheura 824111AmbaBihar
Indrar 824122RafiganjBihar
Jaipur 824102AurangabadBihar
Kaithi 824124ObraBihar
Kashma 824125RafiganjBihar
Khutha 824120HaspuraBihar
Kurwan 824122RafiganjBihar
Lahasa 824122RafiganjBihar
Mahara 824202DeoBihar
Malwan 824124ObraBihar
Manika 824202DeoBihar
Mungia 824302Nabi NagarBihar
Pauthu 824121JamhorBihar
Rajpur 824102AurangabadBihar
Risiap 824102AurangabadBihar
Sandya 824129GohBihar
Sattar 824301SherghatiBihar
Shimra 824303NabinagarBihar
Sihuli 824125RafiganjBihar
Temura 824122RafiganjBihar
Tengra 824112BarunBihar
Unthoo 824121JamhorBihar
Uphara 824203GohBihar
Baghour 824120HaspuraBihar
Bahuara 824202DeoBihar
Bajauli 824102AurangabadBihar
Bantara 824120HaspuraBihar
Barauli 824124ObraBihar
Basdiha 824301SherghatiBihar
Bedauli 824111AmbaBihar
Bedhani 824202DeoBihar
Belsara 824202DeoBihar
Chauria 824102AurangabadBihar
Dadhapa 824202DeoBihar
Deshpur 824111AmbaBihar
Gamhari 824203GohBihar
Ghoshta 824103MadanpurBihar
Gordiha 824125RafiganjBihar
Gorkati 824203GohBihar
H Bigha 824143DaudnagarBihar
Jaitiya 824116RafiganjBihar
Jaitpur 824114GohBihar
Jalpura 824120HaspuraBihar
Jamuaon 824143DaudnagarBihar
Kapasya 824103MadanpurBihar
Karsaon 824121JamhorBihar
Karsara 824122RafiganjBihar
Kataiya 824202DeoBihar
Khadiha 824102AurangabadBihar
Khudwan 824124ObraBihar
Koilwan 824115HaspuraBihar
Kurhwan 824124ObraBihar
Mahuaon 824208MadanpurBihar
Mahuaon 824303NabinagarBihar
Malhara 824114GohBihar
Mehiyan 824302NabinagarBihar
Munjhar 824114GohBihar
Naugarh 824102AurangabadBihar
Naugarh 824219MadanpurBihar
Pilchhi 824113DaudnagarBihar
Pironta 824303NabinagarBihar
Pirthoo 824208MadanpurBihar
Poinwan 824103MadanpurBihar
Purdina 824112BarunBihar
Purhara 824120HaspuraBihar
Ranidih 824125RafiganjBihar
Salaiya 824208MadanpurBihar
Satuhai 824112BarunBihar
Sighana 824202DeoBihar
Siyadih 824207KonchBihar
Sonoura 824303NabinagarBihar
Tejpura 824124ObraBihar
Teldiha 824103MadanpurBihar
Amilauna 824124ObraBihar
Anukappa 824123KutumbaBihar
Baligaon 824103MadanpurBihar
Baluganj 824202DeoBihar
Chainpur 824303NabinagarBihar
Chechari 824124ObraBihar
Chiraili 824125RafiganjBihar
Chourahi 824120HaspuraBihar
Dhadhapi 824103MadanpurBihar
Dhangain 824124ObraBihar
G. Kanap 824120HaspuraBihar
Ghatrain 824208MadanpurBihar
Gosaidih 824303NabinagarBihar
Hartholi 824121JamhorBihar
Jagatpur 824112BarunBihar
Jhinguri 824115HaspuraBihar
Mirzapur 824303NabinagarBihar
Munjhara 824203GohBihar
Nagmatia 824208MadanpurBihar
Pandaria 824111AmbaBihar
Panrawan 824121JamhorBihar
Ramnagar 824124ObraBihar
Sargawan 824202DeoBihar
Sarsawli 824121JamhorBihar
Singhari 824203GohBihar
Sonhathu 824115HaspuraBihar
Udhampur 824103MadanpurBihar
C.Dhongra 824111AmbaBihar
Choukhara 824103MadanpurBihar
G. Kharma 824102AurangabadBihar
Kanbehari 824102AurangabadBihar
Khairadip 824113DaudnagarBihar
Malhi Dih 824203GohBihar
Manjurahi 824102AurangabadBihar
Narainpur 824124ObraBihar
Paharpura 824103MadanpurBihar
Pokhrahan 824121JamhorBihar
Sahukarma 824125RafiganjBihar
Sakardiha 824203GohBihar
Sananpura 824124ObraBihar
Shekhpura 824114GohBihar
Son Nagar 824112BarunBihar
Sunbarasa 824124ObraBihar
Sunurganj 824102AurangabadBihar
Baksibigha 824125RafiganjBihar
Barkapandu 824302NabinagarBihar
Belabarish 824203GohBihar
Hardiachak 824127KalerBihar
Hathiayara 824120HaspuraBihar
Ibrahimpur 824102AurangabadBihar
J H Tendua 824301SherghatiBihar
Jagdishpur 824112BarunBihar
K P Tendua 824123KutumbaBihar
Neyamatpur 824202DeoBihar
R Pithanua 824112BarunBihar
R S. Bigha 824112BarunBihar
Turk Telpa 824203GohBihar
Ankora R.S824303NabinagarBihar
B. Sagarpur 824124ObraBihar
Barabanadih 824302NabinagarBihar
Chandragarh 824301SherghatiBihar
Jhomardihra 824112BarunBihar
Kaithisiroh 824203GohBihar
Karmalahang 824302Nabi NagarBihar
Nimabidhoul 824219MadanpurBihar
Panchaukhar 824202DeoBihar
R. B. Nagar 824102AurangabadBihar
Bhadwa Bazar 824122RafiganjBihar
Dewaria Kala 824121JamhorBihar
Dhnaoh Bigha 824143DaudnagarBihar
Karma Pandih 824129GohBihar
Pipra Bagahi 824123KutumbaBihar
Riyasat Mali 824102AurangabadBihar
Saduri Karma 824112BarunBihar
Samser Nagar 824143DaudnagarBihar
Seoli Khaira 824125RafiganjBihar
Bishambharpur 824125RafiganjBihar
Dihuri Ekauni 824129GohBihar
Dumari Belean 824202DeoBihar
Karma Bhagwan 824102AurangabadBihar
Khadiha Kerka 824303NabinagarBihar
Khaira Rajpur 824123KutumbaBihar
M. Chaturbhuj 824125RafiganjBihar
Mankur Chanda 824127KalerBihar
Narendra Khap 824123KutumbaBihar
P. Babhandiha 824124ObraBihar
Rajbaria Kala 824303NabinagarBihar
Riyasat Pawai 824102AurangabadBihar
Shimri Dhamni 824303NabinagarBihar
Beri Khiriawan 824208MadanpurBihar
Bisunpur Chati 824202DeoBihar
Fort Daudnagar 824143DaudnagarBihar
P. Sikandarpur 824103MadanpurBihar
Akhoini Regania 824103MadanpurBihar
Molbiganj Pothu 824122RafiganjBihar
Jai Govind Nagar 824124ObraBihar
Kashipur Tetaria 824112BarunBihar
Khaira Manjhouli 824103MadanpurBihar
Khajauri Saraiya 824302Nabi NagarBihar
Ramchandra Nagar 824121JamhorBihar

Companies Based at Aurangabad

Company Name Activity Address
CHANGZHENG BMR REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) Gut No.65, Village Chitegaon Taluka Paithan Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431105
SWAPNAPURTI ENERGY AND POWER PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Ulkanagari Cts 15561-104, Plot-96 Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431005
SANT NARAYANGIRI MAHARAJ AGRO PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities At Post Kankori Tq Gangapur Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431109
KALA-LAXMI INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services M-150 Midc Waluj Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431136
5S MANUFACTURING PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) Plot No. 6/b, 378 Midc Waluj Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431136
IFOS AIRPORT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Transport, storage and Communications Flat No 1, Roopchand Complex, Aurangapura Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
JUBER ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services At Waluj At Waluj Waluj Maharashtra India 431001
EXCELLENT DRUGS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 27, Mahanagar Ii, Opp Yash Colony, Midc, Waluj Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431136
SHOP DIRECT TV LIMITED Business Services Auto Cars Compound Adalat Road Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431005
APTEZ NUTRILITE FOODS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Trading Plot No 2-64 / 1 , Agnihotra House , Agnihotra Chowk , Ulka Nagari Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431005
GOLDEN VALLEY MEDIA PRODUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Pl. 899, Gn 315/364, Sudhakar Nagar, Police Gruhnirman Sanstha, Satara Parisar, Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431005
FARMER AGRO RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities,,vivek Nagar, N-2,cidco Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
KRUSHI KRANTI HIGHTECH AGRO PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities Gut No. 149, At Sonwadi, Post Nagad Kannad Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431103
RYTNOW SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Plot No.m/31 Midc Waluj Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
SAPSYSS IT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services D.40/5, N-12, Swami Vivekanand Nagar, Hudco, Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
GIRIJA FARMER PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED Agriculture and Allied Activities C/o. Dr. Kalyan V Kale Punain-s, H-43, Sattyam Nagar, Cidco Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431003
DOOZYBYTE SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services P No 39, Rokadiya Hanuman Cny B/h Mahindra Bank Jalna Rd Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
CHAMPIONS GAMING EVENTS ORGANISERS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Shop No. C-3, B-d Wing, 1st Floor Bharat Bazar Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
NIMAI INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services C/o Santosh Nivratti Madrewar Ranjanwan Soc., Cidco, N-9 Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
JAY BHADRA KRUSHI PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED Business Services Devalgaon Bazar At Sillod Dist Aurangabad Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431135
MAITHILI POLY PLAST PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) K-218/2, Midc Waluj Aurangabad Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431136
G I P INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED Trading H No - 59, Maya Nagar, N - 2, Cidco Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
NUTRION AGRO FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services N7-a4-8, Cidco, Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001
APVL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services 40, Laxmi Nagar Garkheda Aurangabad Maharashtra India 431001

Bank Branches in Aurangabad

Bank Name Branch Address
STATE BANK OF INDIA Beverly Park Road Branch Rashmi Prime Corner, Opp Kanakiya Police Station,, Mira-bhayandar Road, Mumbai
BANK OF MAHARASHTRA Vaijapur Agarwal Bldgopp S.t Stand Vaijapur Dist.aurangabad
ICICI BANK LTD Aurangabad Town Center Cidcoradhika Guest House Near Fame Tapadiya
YES BANK LTD Aurangabad A-7, Abc Complex, Adalat Road, Near Baba Petrol Pump, Aurangabad - Maharashtra. 431 001.
ABHYUDAYA COOP BANK LTD Gulmandi (gmd) Labh Pearl, Besides Hotel Vits, Station Road, Aurangabad -431 005
Adarsh Mahila Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd., Aurangabad Aurangabad Branch 31, Shivjyoti Colony, N-6, Cidco
BOMBAY MERCANTILE CO-OP. BANK LTD. Aurangabad (main Branch) Juna Bazar, Aurangabad
DEOGIRI NAGARI SAHAKARI BANK LTD AURANGABAD Head Office Arth Complex, Kesarsingpura,aurangabad Pin No.431001
FEDERAL BANK LTD Aurangabad Plot No 260,opp Sbi Bank,vrad Ganesh Mandir Road,samarthnagar ,aurangabad,431001
IDBI BANK LTD Aurangabad- Jalna Road Vidya Nagar, Jalna Road
Kallappanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Aurangabad Branch 14830, Plot No. 8, "pawandeep", 1st Floor, Kushalnagar, Jalana Road
KARUR VYSYA BANK Aurangabad Flat No.1 & 2, Deepa Apartment,,opp. Punjab National Bank
KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK Aurangabad - Nirala Bazar 4798 - "saraswati Sankul" Cts; Aurangpura, Nirala Bazar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - 431001
Shree Mahavir Sahakari Bank Ltd. Waluj Branch(wlb P -113, Sai Complex, Midc, Opposite Mohata Devi Temple, Waluj,
Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd Aurangabad Plot 28/29, First Flr, Friedns Colony, Kokanwadi Station Road, Aurangabad
The Cosmos Co-Op Bank Ltd Aurangabad Kandi Towers- Phase Ii, Cts No.13000 & 13001, New Rokdiya Hanuman Colony,aurangabad -431001
THE AKOLA URBAN CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD., AKOLA Aurangabad Gopichand Complexjalna Road
THE CHIKHLI URBAN CO-OP BANK LTD.,CHIKHLI Aurangabad Gomtesh Market, Gulmandi
BANK OF BARODA Aurangabad Bank Of Baroda Aurangabad Main Branch Cts No. 14882/1, New Osmanpura Aurangabad - 431001
INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK Aurangabad Lucky Raj Mansion,opp St.francis ???school, Jalna Road, ?aurangabad
INDIAN BANK Aurangabad 210, Samartha Nagar, Aurangabad-431001
AKOLA JANATA COMMERCIAL CO-OP BANK LTD. Aurangabad Akashwani Chowk, Jalna Road, Aurangabad 431 001
STATE TRANSPORT COOP BANK LTD. Aurangabad ( Cts Western Grid ) Bhu Phatak Smiriti Kamgar Bhavan,malji Pura,pushpa Nagari,c.b.s.marg,aurngabad-431001
JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD,.PUNE Aurangabad Branch (gulmandi (gmd) Opp. Gomtesh Market, Dalalwadi,aurangabad - 431001.

India is the largest in the world for its postal services, This system of 6 digits PIN was introduced by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India in the year 1972. It was started by then additional secretary Mr. Shriram Bikaji Velankar in the Union Communications Ministry. PIN code system plays a very important role in identifying the addresses. India has more than 2000 cities, 6 lakh villages and 1,50,000 post offices. In such a vast country, it was a major challenge to manage the postal system with accuracy & high delivery rate. Due to large numbers of localities & post offices with similar names and regions, It was getting complicated therefore the Pin code based postal system was launched to decrease the complexity of the postal system in the country.

India is a country where the language changes every 100 km and there is no specific format for address. It's not possible to know the Bengali language for a Maratha man who works at the Maharashtra post office. PIN code system assists the postal department in the process of sorting and delivering the mail to the correct address precisely. With indistinguishable names of the cities in different states and languages, without pin codes the sorting and delivering of mail, parcels & couriers, or any other postal service would have been way too difficult to deliver accurately.

Faqs for pincode Aurangabad

Q1: How many post offices are in Aurangabad district ?.

A1: There are 622 post offices in Aurangabad district.

Q2: How many Head Post Offices (H.O), Sub Post Offices (S.O), and Branch Offices (B.O) are in Aurangabad ?.

A2: There are 2 Head Post Offices (H.O), 82 Sub Post Offices (S.O) and 538 Branch Offices (B.O) in Aurangabad.

Q3: How to find a post office address in Aurangabad using ensearchopedia?.

A3: You can use our Post office search tool to check the details of any post office in Aurangabad.

Q3: How many Pin codes are allocated to Aurangabad district?.

A4: As per India Postal Department, there are 131 Pin codes allocated to Aurangabad.

Q5: What is Aurangabad's pincode?.

A5: Aurangabad as a district has multiple post offices and each has its pincode. Generally, it begins with 431 then followed by three digits that represent the address of the recipient's post office. For example, Waluj in Aurangabad has a pin code of 431133.

Q6: How do I find the PIN code of my location?.

A6: You can very conveniently find the pin code of your location on ensearchopedia. You have to select State and District from the drop-down menu of our post office search tool and it will lead you to the complete list of post offices in your city with pin codes of your region OR simply search any pincode on pincode search tool & it will redirect you to the location of that pincode.

Q7: How does a Zip code differ from a pin code?

A7: ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan code whereas Pin code is the abbreviation of Postal Index Number code. Both are used to track a specific location and the geographic area for the delivery of mail & parcels.

Introduced by the Indian Postal Department in 1972, Postal Index Number code ( PIN code ) is a 6-digit code assigned to post offices In India. On the other hand, The term Zone Improvement Plan code (zip code) is used primarily in the United States of America by USPS ( United States Postal Service ) to help them improve & deliver mail efficiently.

Country-specific postal services, both Zip & PIN codes serve the same purpose of identifying a local post office & local area for efficient mail delivery.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Ensearchopedia on Aurangabad pin codes is latest and updated regularly as per the data available on the official website of the India Postal Department but the users hereby are advised to verify the postal codes of Aurangabad information with the concerned Post Office in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. However, takes no responsibility and cannot be liable for any damages caused by the use of information on account of being temporarily unavailable, data not updated, incorrect data, or any other technical issues beyond our control.

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