Muzaffarpur Pin Code

A Postal Index Number (PIN Code) refers to a six digit code used by the Indian Postal Department. India has 9 functional postal zones that segregate the states & union territories, one functional zone is dedicated to Indian Army. In Muzaffarpur Pin codes ,The first digit indicates the postal region in India.The second digit and the third digit combined represent a sorting district within Muzaffarpur . The last three digits identifies the post office delivering mail to a locality in Muzaffarpur.


List of 437 post offices in Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Muzaffarpur district in Bihar has a network of 437 post offices, ensuring efficient mail delivery across local residential areas, private businesses, and government offices in Muzaffarpur.

Head post office ( H.O ) in Muzaffarpur

Head Office is the main post office in the district Muzaffarpur. Administration of all other sub & Brach post offices comes Under its responsibility & jurisdiction. Its primary role is to ensure organized & smooth postal operations in Muzaffarpur.

Muzaffarpur 842001MuzaffarpurBihar

Sub Post Office ( S.O ) in Muzaffarpur

A branch under the jurisdiction of a Head Post Office, a Sub Post Office in Muzaffarpur caters to local services like mail distribution and customer service. In its 8 working hours , SO plays a specific role in facilitating postal services to specific regions in Muzaffarpur.

Piar 843115BandraBihar
Aurai 843312AuraiBihar
Baghi 844112KurhaniBihar
Dholi 843105SakraBihar
Gidha 843106ParooBihar
Hardi 843122ParooBihar
Kanti 843109KantiBihar
Karja 843143MarwanBihar
Katra 843321KatraBihar
Narma 843129BochahaBihar
Paroo 843112ParooBihar
Ramna 842002MushahariBihar
Turki 844127KurhaniBihar
Amgola 842001NABihar
Bakhra 843101SaraiyaBihar
Deoria 843120ParooBihar
Khabra 843146MushahariBihar
Patahi 843113BandraBihar
Silout 843119ManiariBihar
Bochaha 843103BochahaBihar
Kalwari 843108KantiBihar
Kalyani 842001MuzaffarpurBihar
Kurhani 844120KurhaniBihar
Kurnowl 843125SahebganjBihar
Minapur 843128MinapurBihar
Motipur 843111MotipurBihar
B.M.P-VI 842001NABihar
Geyaspur 843107ParooBihar
Kathaiya 843124MotipurBihar
Umanagar 842004BochahaBihar
Bariarpur 843102SakraBihar
Motijheel 842001NABihar
Imlichatti 842001NABihar
D.A.College 843121MuraulBihar
Pakki Sarai 842001MushahariBihar
Rampur Hari 843117MinapurBihar
Saraiyaganj 842001MushahariBihar
Sikandarpur 842001MushahariBihar
Chandanpatti 843104SakraBihar
Chhata Bazar 842001NABihar
Kanti T.P.S843130KantiBihar
Purani Bazar 842001MushahariBihar
S.S.K.Bhawan 842001MushahariBihar
Sarfuddinpur 843118BochahaBihar
Birihma Bazar 843127MotipurBihar
Kanhauli Azra 842002NABihar
R.D.S.College 842002MushahariBihar
Aghoria Bazaar 842002NABihar
Keotsa Baruari 847107NABihar
Jaintpur Estate 843123MotipurBihar
Saraiya Factory 843126MinapurBihar
Bihar University 842001NABihar
Malighat Maniari 842001NABihar
Muz. Collectorate 842001MushahariBihar
Muzaffarpur Court 842001MushahariBihar

Branch Post office (B.O) in Muzaffarpur

A Branch Post Office in Muzaffarpur works as a smaller unit. With four working hours , It runs with basic postal services and facilitates mail handling and assisting in walk-in customers. It contributes to increasing reach & accessibility in rural areas in Muzaffarpur.

Amma 843103BochahaBihar
Aura 843128MinapurBihar
Loma 843118BochahaBihar
Siho 843119KurhaniBihar
Athar 843118BochahaBihar
Atrar 843129BochahaBihar
Basua 843321KatraBihar
Berai 843129BochahaBihar
Berua 843122ParooBihar
Binda 843119KurhaniBihar
Chhap 843107ParooBihar
Hasna 843103BochahaBihar
Janar 843117MinapurBihar
Janta 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Kafen 843103BochahaBihar
Karja 843106ParooBihar
Kerma 844127KurhaniBihar
Raini 843121MuraulBihar
Susta 842002MushahariBihar
Susta 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Unsar 843103BochahaBihar
Amnaur 843129BochahaBihar
B.Muza 843120ParooBihar
Balaur 844120KurhaniBihar
Balour 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Bandra 843115BandraBihar
Barhad 843129BochahaBihar
Barjee 843111MotipurBihar
Bhadai 843117MinapurBihar
Birpur 843109KantiBihar
Chakna 843126MinapurBihar
Dahila 843103BochahaBihar
Dumari 843119KurhaniBihar
Fateha 843124MotipurBihar
Ginjas 843123MotipurBihar
Harser 843128MinapurBihar
Kinaru 844127KurhaniBihar
Lautan 843117MinapurBihar
Maithi 843118BochahaBihar
Malpur 843103BochahaBihar
Manain 843125MotipurBihar
Manika 843119KurhaniBihar
Markan 843119KurhaniBihar
Marwan 843113BandraBihar
Marwan 843119KurhaniBihar
Meghua 843128MinapurBihar
Mehshi 843105SakraBihar
Phular 843107ParooBihar
Raghai 843128MinapurBihar
Rajala 844120KurhaniBihar
Raksha 843109KantiBihar
Singar 843109KurhaniBihar
Tarawa 843125SahebganjBihar
Tepari 843115BandraBihar
Amaitha 843123MotipurBihar
Amarakh 843119KurhaniBihar
Azizpur 844120KurhaniBihar
B.Barna 843111MotipurBihar
B.Firoj 843111MotipurBihar
B.Kesho 843109KantiBihar
B.Kesho 843118BochahaBihar
B.Rudal 843111MotipurBihar
Bakhari 843111MotipurBihar
Baruary 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Baruraj 843111MotipurBihar
Basauli 844127KurhaniBihar
Beladam 843105NABihar
Benibad 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Bhalura 843312AuraiBihar
Chahuta 843312AuraiBihar
Charhua 844127KurhaniBihar
D.R.Sah 842002MushahariBihar
Dakrama 843117MinapurBihar
Daudpur 843107ParooBihar
Dhanaur 843321KatraBihar
Dubiahi 843106KurhaniBihar
Gaighat 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Gangeya 843321KatraBihar
Ganiari 843119KurhaniBihar
Garahua 844118KurhaniBihar
Ghosaut 843128MinapurBihar
Harnahi 843111MotipurBihar
Jasauli 843111MotipurBihar
Jhapaha 842004BochahaBihar
Jhikati 844127KurhaniBihar
K.Mohan 844127KurhaniBihar
Kanhara 843118BochahaBihar
Katesar 843102SakaraBihar
Kharhar 843117MinapurBihar
Khutahi 843107ParooBihar
Kodaria 843128MinapurBihar
Kolwara 843123MotipurBihar
Lohsari 843103BochahaBihar
M.Badal 843119KurhaniBihar
M.Balmi 843111MotipurBihar
M.Susta 843119KurhaniBihar
Madhaul 843101SaraiyaBihar
Mahmada 843111MotipurBihar
Maripur 842003MushahriBihar
Mirapur 843121MuraulBihar
Mohjama 843107ParooBihar
Narauli 843119ManiariBihar
Narwara 843128MinapurBihar
P.Shyam 843103BochahaBihar
Padmaul 844118KurhanniBihar
Pahsaul 843321KatraBihar
Patsara 843115BandraBihar
Pirapur 843115BandraBihar
Rajepur 843111MotipurBihar
Rajwara 843125SahebganjBihar
Ratwara 843115BandraBihar
Rupauli 843106KurhaniBihar
Sanathi 843103BochahaBihar
Saraiya 843119KurhaniBihar
Saraiya 843127MotipurBihar
Sohansa 843120ParooBihar
Sonepur 843321KatraBihar
Ahiyapur 843125SahebganjBihar
Ajna Kot 843111MotipurBihar
B.Kalyan 843125SahebganjBihar
B.Karman 843111MotipurBihar
B.Pandey 843109KantiBihar
Bajitpur 843123MotipurBihar
Bakatpur 843111MotipurBihar
Bandpura 843321KatraBihar
Baraitha 843321KatraBihar
Barhanda 843128MinapurBihar
Basatpur 843125SahebganjBihar
Bhatauna 843113BandraBihar
Chainpur 843119KurhaniBihar
Chamarua 843113BandraBihar
Chatursi 843128MinapurBihar
Chiraila 843118BochahaBihar
Choumukh 843103BochahaBihar
Dhanaiya 843120ParooBihar
Dharfari 843120ParooBihar
Ghosrama 843115BandraBihar
Gorigama 843117MinapurBihar
Hanswara 843117MinapurBihar
Hussepur 843125SahebganjBihar
Jalalpur 843119KurhaniBihar
Jamalpur 843124MotipurBihar
Jhingaha 843111MotipurBihar
Kabilpur 843109KantiBihar
Kamarthu 843118BochahaBihar
Keshopur 843104SakraBihar
Khangura 843321KatraBihar
Kharauna 843113BandraBihar
M.Hazari 843125SahebganjBihar
Machhahi 843105SakraBihar
Madhopur 843119KurhaniBihar
Mahartha 843109KantiBihar
Mahdaiya 843128MinapurBihar
Matihani 843117MinapurBihar
Mirzapur 843103BochahaBihar
Morsandi 843111MotipurBihar
Mutlupur 843115BandraBihar
Newachak 843102SakraBihar
Noonfara 843115BandraBihar
P.Kolhua 843108KantiBihar
Partapur 843106KurhaniBihar
Pindauli 843321KatraBihar
Rajkhand 843312AuraiBihar
Ratnauli 844127KurhaniBihar
S.Muraul 843121MuraulBihar
S.Sandha 843111MotipurBihar
Sagahari 843128MinapurBihar
Shrikant 843115BandraBihar
Sirkohia 843123MotipurBihar
Sonbarsa 843128MinapurBihar
Tengraha 843117MinapurBihar
Tengrari 843128MinapurBihar
B.Bakhari 843121MuraulBihar
B.Basudeo 843117MinapurBihar
B.Factory 842004BochahaBihar
B.Nijamat 843125SahebganjBihar
Baghakhal 843103BochahaBihar
Bahdinpur 843112ParooBihar
Bara Daud 843112ParooBihar
Bhartipur 843104NABihar
Brindawan 843128MinapurBihar
Chhatauni 843128MinapurBihar
CRPF Camp 842004BochahaBihar
Dharampur 843117MinapurBihar
Dih Jiwar 843117MinapurBihar
Fatehabad 843107ParooBihar
G.K.Nagar 843102SakraBihar
Gharbhara 843103BochahaBihar
H.Khanpur 843129BochahaBihar
Harkhauli 843321KatraBihar
I.R.Nagar 843121MuraulBihar
Jamalabad 842004BochahaBihar
Kalyanpur 843107ParooBihar
Kamalpura 843101SaraiyaBihar
Karamwari 843107ParooBihar
Kokilwara 843312AuraiBihar
Lakhanpur 847307DarbhangaBihar
Madhubani 843125SahebganjBihar
Majhaulia 843104SakraBihar
Maksudpur 843117MinapurBihar
Neknampur 843120ParooBihar
P.Basarat 843120ParooBihar
P.T.Jiwar 843129BochahaBihar
Phulwaria 843107ParooBihar
R.Saghari 843312AuraiBihar
Ram Nagar 843103BochahaBihar
Sakarwara 843118BochahaBihar
Sarhachia 843117MinapurBihar
Sarwarpur 843128MinapurBihar
Sheikhpur 842002MushahariBihar
Sirkhiria 843117MinapurBihar
Sundarpur 843102SakraBihar
Tola Muza 843120ParooBihar
B.Bajitpur 843111MotipurBihar
Bhagwanpur 843120ParooBihar
Bhagwanpur 844120KurhaniBihar
Bhagwatpur 843120ParooBihar
Brahampura 842003NABihar
Brahmapura 843104MushahariBihar
Chhitrauli 843119KurhaniBihar
Chorghatta 843111MotipurBihar
Damodarpur 843113BandraBihar
Gaus Nagar 843117MinapurBihar
Godanpatti 843118BochahaBihar
H.Manshahi 843128MinapurBihar
Haridaspur 843109KantiBihar
Ibrahimpur 843118BochahaBihar
Jagdishpur 843125SahebganjBihar
K.Bithraul 843111MotipurBihar
K.H.Ramani 843109KantiBihar
K.Madhuban 844127KurhaniBihar
K.Pirochha 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
M.Farakpur 843117MinapurBihar
M.Pachdahi 843119KurhaniBihar
Maheshwara 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Mahindwara 843117MinapurBihar
Mansoorpur 843101SaraiyaBihar
Mohabatpur 843120ParooBihar
Mohamadpur 843120ParooBihar
Mustafapur 842004BochahaBihar
Newa Nagar 843102SakraBihar
Paraspatti 843125SahebganjBihar
Pipra Asli 843109KantiBihar
Pitaunjhia 843117MinapurBihar
Prahladpur 843119KurhaniBihar
R.K.Ashram 842002MushahariBihar
R.K.Malahi 843126MinapurBihar
Raja Pakar 843102SakraBihar
Rup Chapra 843125SahebganjBihar
Sadiquepur 843109KantiBihar
Sangopatti 843119KurhaniBihar
Sarmastpur 843107ParooBihar
Shivdaspur 843321KatraBihar
Siwaipatti 843128MinapurBihar
Subhaigarh 843117MinapurBihar
A.Bishanpur 843113BandraBihar
Adigopalpur 843118BochahaBihar
B.,mahanand 843109KantiBihar
Bedaul Asli 843117MinapurBihar
Chapra Megh 843119KurhaniBihar
Dargah Bela 843104NABihar
Daud Chapra 842004BochahaBihar
G.Dharampur 843128MinapurBihar
Jasoda Math 843111MotipurBihar
Jita Chapra 843127MotipurBihar
Krishnawara 843104SakraBihar
Mahual R.S843111MotipurBihar
Mustafaganj 843128MinapurBihar
N.Champapur 843104SakraBihar
Narsinghpur 842002MushahariBihar
Narsinghpur 843105SakraBihar
P.Bishanpur 843115BandraBihar
P.Mushahari 843124MotipurBihar
Pana Chapra 843111MotipurBihar
Raja Rampur 843126MinapurBihar
Rampur Mina 843127MotipurBihar
S.Barkagaon 843109KantiBihar
Sahpurpatti 843120ParooBihar
Shitalpatti 843128MinapurBihar
B.Baghnagari 843105SakaraBihar
Balra Ismail 844112KurhaniBihar
Bishundatpur 843113BandraBihar
Chak Shambhu 843117MinapurBihar
Chandrahatti 844120KurhaniBihar
G.Pitaunjhia 843117MinapurBihar
Girigama Dih 844120KurhaniBihar
Jamin Mathia 843109KantiBihar
K.Babhangaon 843112ParooBihar
Kachhi Sarai 842002NABihar
Kheshramadih 844118KurhaniBihar
Laloo Chapra 843126MinapurBihar
Laxman Nagar 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Pagahia Aima 843122ParooBihar
Paigambarpur 843119KurhaniBihar
Patti Aswari 843124MotipurBihar
Raghunathpur 843126MinapurBihar
Rampur Dayal 843115BandraBihar
Sahi Minapur 843312AuraiBihar
Sonbarsa Dih 843119KurhaniBihar
Subhankarpur 843113BandraBihar
Sundar Sarai 843111MotipurBihar
Anant Kamtaul 844120KurhaniBihar
Balthi Narhar 843125SahebganjBihar
Basara Shukul 843123MotipurBihar
Basudeo Sarai 843125SahebganjBihar
Dehuli Buzurg 843104SakraBihar
Dubaha Buzurg 843104SakraBihar
Jaimal Dumari 843107ParooBihar
Jarang Deorhi 843118BochahaBihar
Koria Nizamat 843112ParooBihar
M.Gopinathpur 843111MotipurBihar
Malpur Agrail 843104SakraBihar
Mathna Mallik 844112NABihar
Munni Bangari 843115BandraBihar
Muza Patrahia 843126MinapurBihar
Pakari Pakohi 843113BandraBihar
Parsauni Nath 843125SahebganjBihar
Parsauni Nath 843127NABihar
S.Jahangirpur 843111MotipurBihar
Saraiya Bazar 843112ParooBihar
Shahila Balli 843129BochahaBihar
Sirsia Buzurg 843108KantiBihar
Turki Khararu 843128MinapurBihar
Chakwaja Nagma 844120NABihar
Choubey Ambara 843101SaraiyaBihar
Gopalpur Neora 843126MinapurBihar
Govindpur Bela 843105SakraBihar
Ladaura Pakari 843113BandraBihar
Manohar Chapra 843111MotipurBihar
Mushahari Farm 842002MushahariBihar
Nariar Panapur 843109KantiBihar
Panapur Kariat 843109KantiBihar
Repura Mahadeo 843107ParooBihar
Rewa Basantpur 843101SaraiyaBihar
Sahpur Maricha 844112KurhaniBihar
Sakari Saraiya 844127KurhaniBihar
Seodaha Barail 847107MuzaffarpurBihar
Shahila Rampur 843129BochahaBihar
Titra Ashanand 843105SakraBihar
A.Purushotampur 842002MushahariBihar
B.Umapat Basant 843117MinapurBihar
Baburban Tajpur 843127MotipurBihar
Bahilwara Bhual 844111SaraiyaBihar
Bishunpur Patti 843125SahebganjBihar
Budhnagra Radha 843119KurhaniBihar
Ch. Harishankar 844127KurhaniBihar
Chainpur Bangra 843119ManiariBihar
Chak Sarmastpur 843104SakraBihar
Chochahi Chapra 843122ParooBihar
Dariyapur Kafen 844127KurhaniBihar
Gokhula Rupauli 843120ParooBihar
Govindpur Bejha 843105SakraBihar
Mahanth Maniari 843119KurhaniBihar
Manpur Ratnauli 843117MinapurBihar
Pilkhi Gajpatti 843121MuraulBihar
Rampur Bheriahi 843122ParooBihar
Shirsia Jagdish 843127MotipurBihar
Thikaha Basudeo 843124MotipurBihar
Alinagar Leorhan 843104SakraBihar
Bahilwara Govind 844111SaraiyaBihar
Balthi Mushahari 843118BochahaBihar
Bariarpur Karpur 843115BandraBihar
Bashantpur Patti 843101SaraiyaBihar
Chochahi Saraiya 843112ParooBihar
Olipur Sarhachia 843117MinapurBihar
Pakhnaha Shriram 843109KantiBihar
Parsauni Pagahia 843122ParooBihar
Ratwara Bindwara 843312AuraiBihar
Korlahia Mansingh 843117MinapurBihar
Sahbajpur Puraina 843102SakraBihar
Bahilwara Roopnath 844111SaraiyaBihar
Panapur Akhtiarpur 843123MotipurBihar
Simra Urf Afzalpur 843113BandraBihar
Repura R.Bishwanath 843123MotipurBihar
Sainpatti S.P.Singh 843109KantiBihar
Bharwari Muzaffarp843119MotipurBihar
Jagdishpur Baghnagari 843119SakraBihar
Chapra Dharampur Jaddu 843108KantiBihar
Naya Tola Muzaffarp842002MushahariBihar

Companies Based at Muzaffarpur

Company Name Activity Address
FARHAT SOLUTIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Hussaina House, Bankers Colony Khajepur Sadpura, Muzaffarpur, Rama Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842002
GAIGHAT UTILITY AND INFRA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Prabhat Zarda Factory, New Area Sikandarpur Akharaghat Road Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
BAKERS HEAVEN PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Food stuffs) C/o Mohmad Akbar Ali, Kharaunadih, Muzaffarpur Bihar India 843113
DESIRE WEB SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Harchanda, Near Masjid Panapur, Kariyat, Kanti Muzaffarpur Bihar India 843109
RUDRA AUTOMOTIVES PRIVATE LIMITED Trading Chakker Maidan, P.s- Kazi Mohammadpur Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
SPEEDCRAFT RECHARGE SERVICE PRIVATE LIMITED Transport, storage and Communications C/o Rekha Srivastava, Moti Jheel, Pandeyjee Gali Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
AARAV BUSINESS MERCHANDISE PRIVATE LIMITED (OPC) Trading C/o Kumkum Kumari,adarsh Nagar, Lane - 3 Indraprasth, Majhaulia,p.o - Khabra Sadar Muzaffarpur Bihar India 843146
SAI BIOTECH MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) C/o Anil Singh ,manika Niwas ,haat Post : Ramna , Ps :mithapura ,near Amar Cinema Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842002
SAMTECH CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED Construction C/o Nathuni Rai, 435, Alkapuri Bhagwanpur, Sadar Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
MAATESHWARI AUTOMOTIVES PRIVATE LIMITED Trading M/s Kumar Motors Beside Sonal Motors Pvt. Ltd. N.h. 28, Khabra Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
SHREE SUBH LABH INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments) Jaitpur Colony, Maripur Kazimdpur Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842003
PHOENIX CLASSES PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services H/o Mithilesh Prasad Singh, Chakkar Chowk Rasulpur Jilani, P.s.- Kaji Mohammadpur Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
BAJRANG RASAYAN EXPORTERS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) C/o Kumud Sinha,indrapuri Colony,holding No. 143 Ward No. 36,mithanpura Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
SHRISTI BUILDTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Construction 109, Maripur, Azad Colony, Anchal Mushhari Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
BHAIYA NAVEEN SECURITY AND SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Vill - Khirakhauwa Po+ps- Bhagwanpur, Anchal- Lalganj Vaishali Bihar India 844118
FLYWAY ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED (OPC) Trading Rajan Thakur S/o Braj Kishore Prasad Singh Basant Bihar Kpp Ahiyapur Muzaffarpur Bihar India 843125
LUE INFOSERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Ashishlok Appt. Freepressl Patna Patna Bihar India 844111
JDP EDUCARE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services Khamkaya Janch Ghar 1st Floor R/o Mohalla- Aamgola P.s Kazimohammadpur Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842002
AGLOW BIOTECH PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) Krishna Complex, Bhagwanpur Chowk, Nh-28, Near Sbi Bhagwanpur Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
DIVYA ROSHNI BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICE PRIVATE LIMITED Community, personal & Social Services Rajiv Kamal Lane, Gaushala Road Front Of Bari Dargah Muzaffarpur Bihar India 843104
BHARATIYA SECURITY TROOPS & TRAINERS PRIVATE LIMITED Business Services Ram Janki Sadan Village + P.o.- Ramna, P.s. Mithanpura, Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842002
SHOONYA ANANT FOUNDATION Community, personal & Social Services Amarendra Kumar New Area Sikandarpur, Near Zarda Factory Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842001
TEJAS NANDAN TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED Trading Chak Mohabbat, Bhikhanpur Ahiyapur, Near Pragati Prp School Muzaffarpur Bihar India 842004
JEEVAN PRAKASH INDIA FOOD AND BEVERAGE PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturing (Food stuffs) Patiyasa Ahiyapur Muzaffarpur Bihar India 843103

Bank Branches in Muzaffarpur

Bank Name Branch Address
CANARA BANK (CAB) Nadaon -jaso(ndj) Post Box No.63, Motijheel,
PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK(PNB) Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur
STATE BANK OF INDIA(SBI) Main Branch (mbr) Red Cross Building Muzaffarpur Bihar
STATE BANK OF INDIA (SBI) Personal Banking (pbb) Juran Chhapra Road No -3 Muzaffarpur
BANK OF BARODA(BOB) Patahi (pat) Ganesh Market, Rewa Road, Patahi Chowk,
BANK OF INDIA(BOI) Muzaffarpur Main Branch Pankaj Market, Suraiya Ganj
BANK OF MAHARASHTRA (BOM) Muzaffarpur 1st Floor, Chandralok Towers? Chandralok Chowk Muzaffarpur Bihar?, 842002
INDIAN BANK(INB) Main Branch (mbr) Shyam Nandan Road Moti Jheel Muzaffarpur Bihar
INDIAN BANK(INB) e-ALLAHABAD BANK Muzaffarpur Adjacent To Marwari Vyayam Shala Saraiya Ganj Main Road Muzaffar Bihar
INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK (IOB) Muzaffarpur Main Branch I Floor Daya Complex, Aghoria Bazaar Chowk Kalam Bagh Road, Muzzaffarpur Pin : 842002 Dist : Muzaffarpur
PUNJAB & SIND BANK(PSB) Muzaffarpur Moti Jheel Road Kalyani Muzaffarpur
UNION BANK OF INDIA (UBI) Muzaffarpur Safi Daudi Market, Motijheel,p.b. No. 41, Dist. Muzaffarpur,842001
UNION BANK OF INDIA(UBI) K.d.k.m Hospital (kdk) Union Bank Of India Kdkm Branch,kdkm Hospital Complex,juran Chapra
Federal Bank Muzaffarpur Main Branch Imli Chatti
DCB BANK LTD.(DCB) Muzaffarpur Jawahar Lal Road
RBL BANK LTD. Ahiyapur Khata No. 74, Khasra No. 84, East Of Petrol Pump, New Zero Mile, Ahiyapur, Darbhanga Road, Muzaffarpur, Bihar - 842001
Axis Bank Limited (AXS) Muzaffarpur Axis Bank Ltd. Muzaffarpur Branch Jaiswal Compound, Near Jubba Sahani Park Mithanpura - 842002 Bihar
ICICI BANK LTD Main Branch (mbr) Icici Bank Ltd, Sinha Complex, Near Jubba Sahani Park, Club Road, Ramna, Muzaffarpur Bihar
HDFC BANK LTD (HDF) Muzaffarpur - Bihar Hdfc Bank Ltd, Choti Saraiyaganj, Jawahar Lal Road, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
IDBI BANK LTD(IDB) Bhagwanpur Rk Tower, Bibiganj Chowk Nh-28
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Muzaffarpur Main Branch Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Ground Floor, Sbj Tower, Modi House, Jawaharlal Road, Choti Saraiyaganj, Muzaffarpur, Bihar ? 842001
BANDHAN BANK LTD. (BDB) Muzaffarpur Shankar Nagar, Club Road, P.o. Ramna, Dist. Muzaffarpur
UJJIVAN SMALL FINANCE BANK (USF) Kalambagh Road Ujjivan Small Finance Bank ,ground? Floor,daya Complex ,kalambagh Road 'aghoria Bazar (near Chowk) ,bihar ,842002
UTKARSH SMALL FINANCE BANK LTD (UTK) Muzaffarpur Ground Floor, Khata No 137,zila School Road, Hathi Chowk,district - Muzaffarpur, Po Ramnabihar, Pin 842001.

India is the largest in the world for its postal services, This system of 6 digits PIN was introduced by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India in the year 1972. It was started by then additional secretary Mr. Shriram Bikaji Velankar in the Union Communications Ministry. PIN code system plays a very important role in identifying the addresses. India has more than 2000 cities, 6 lakh villages and 1,50,000 post offices. In such a vast country, it was a major challenge to manage the postal system with accuracy & high delivery rate. Due to large numbers of localities & post offices with similar names and regions, It was getting complicated therefore the Pin code based postal system was launched to decrease the complexity of the postal system in the country.

India is a country where the language changes every 100 km and there is no specific format for address. It's not possible to know the Bengali language for a Maratha man who works at the Maharashtra post office. PIN code system assists the postal department in the process of sorting and delivering the mail to the correct address precisely. With indistinguishable names of the cities in different states and languages, without pin codes the sorting and delivering of mail, parcels & couriers, or any other postal service would have been way too difficult to deliver accurately.

Faqs for pincode Muzaffarpur

Q1: How many post offices are in Muzaffarpur district ?.

A1: There are 437 post offices in Muzaffarpur district.

Q2: How many Head Post Offices (H.O), Sub Post Offices (S.O), and Branch Offices (B.O) are in Muzaffarpur ?.

A2: There are 1 Head Post Offices (H.O), 57 Sub Post Offices (S.O) and 379 Branch Offices (B.O) in Muzaffarpur.

Q3: How to find a post office address in Muzaffarpur using ensearchopedia?.

A3: You can use our Post office search tool to check the details of any post office in Muzaffarpur.

Q3: How many Pin codes are allocated to Muzaffarpur district?.

A4: As per India Postal Department, there are 79 Pin codes allocated to Muzaffarpur.

Q5: What is Muzaffarpur's pincode?.

A5: Muzaffarpur as a district has multiple post offices and each has its pincode. Generally, it begins with 843 then followed by three digits that represent the address of the recipient's post office. For example, Piar in Muzaffarpur has a pin code of 843115.

Q6: How do I find the PIN code of my location?.

A6: You can very conveniently find the pin code of your location on ensearchopedia. You have to select State and District from the drop-down menu of our post office search tool and it will lead you to the complete list of post offices in your city with pin codes of your region OR simply search any pincode on pincode search tool & it will redirect you to the location of that pincode.

Q7: How does a Zip code differ from a pin code?

A7: ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan code whereas Pin code is the abbreviation of Postal Index Number code. Both are used to track a specific location and the geographic area for the delivery of mail & parcels.

Introduced by the Indian Postal Department in 1972, Postal Index Number code ( PIN code ) is a 6-digit code assigned to post offices In India. On the other hand, The term Zone Improvement Plan code (zip code) is used primarily in the United States of America by USPS ( United States Postal Service ) to help them improve & deliver mail efficiently.

Country-specific postal services, both Zip & PIN codes serve the same purpose of identifying a local post office & local area for efficient mail delivery.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Ensearchopedia on Muzaffarpur pin codes is latest and updated regularly as per the data available on the official website of the India Postal Department but the users hereby are advised to verify the postal codes of Muzaffarpur information with the concerned Post Office in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. However, takes no responsibility and cannot be liable for any damages caused by the use of information on account of being temporarily unavailable, data not updated, incorrect data, or any other technical issues beyond our control.

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